Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries (Boystown #2)

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Title: Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries (Boystown #2)
Author: Marshall Thornton
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: January 9th 2015
Genre(s): Historical, Gay fiction
Page Count: 251
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

In the second Boystown collection, Chicago private investigator Nick Nowak finds himself involved with a young man who murdered his stepfather but refuses to assist in his own defense, hired to find the murderer of a dead porno star, and, in a case that traps him between the two men he loves, searching for a serial killer’s only living victim. Set in the second half of 1981, Boystown 2 follows Nick as he juggles his deepening relationship with Detective Bert Harker with the return of his ex, Daniel Laverty. Which man will he choose? Or will he be able to choose?

Excellent. One of the best series EVER.

I don’t know if I should review every sequel of the Nick Nowak Mysteries.

I’m afraid that I’ll frighten away all potential readers with my exaggerated rapture in regard to it. I myself know such a reaction.

Because I LOVE the second book even more than the first one and it’s getting better with every next instalment, and I hope VERY that a lot of my GR friends,and not only, can share my excitements, and the last thing I want is to spoil anything for you.

So…I promised to myself, no more – imagine on this place a link to WOW-gif/OMG-gif/Mamma mia-gif; WARNING: you can get a lot of porn gifs, don’t ignore them if they are of a MM-nature.

From now on I’ll stay factual. At least I’ll try.

Nick Nowak, one of the best private investigator I’ve read about, continues to be the main magnet, the moving force of the story. But here you’ll see not only the old-bad-ass-cool Nick. Hard shell – soft core. It is how I’d describe him in the second book. And I don’t need to say that I love THAT NICK even more. He has not only to solve his always dangerous contracts but also to deal with his complicated private situation. YEAH! RELATIONSHIPS. No spoilers!

The plot includes 3 cases. Like in the first book, they are not directly connected, but somehow very related to each other. The suspense part is one of the best in the series. I didn’t even wink during reading, let alone eye-roll, that is unfortunately only seldom. Even by top writers I have an occasional eye-roll along the reading.

The writing remains a highlight for me. The Nick’s POV is the most enjoyable and entertaining telling. His dry humour, his sex appeal that he radiates are an ultimate joy! And Marshall Thornton possesses fantastically the skill to find a perfect balance between a suspense mystery, a hot sexy romance part and a pensive background events like nobody else. (view spoiler) In fact an unique experience.

Do I really need to add HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ?!

YES, if somebody still didn’t get it—->HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Boystown Series

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