Playing with Fire (Glasgow Lads #3)

Title: Playing with Fire (Glasgow Lads #3)
Author: Avery Cockburn
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Playing with Fire (Glasgow Lads #3)
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 330
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

“I don’t want options. I just want you.”

Robert McKenzie has a secret. As the only straight player on an all-LGBT soccer team, he’s known to fans as “McWhatAWaste.” No one would guess Robert’s actually bisexual. At twenty-one, on the verge of a brilliant career in video game design, he’s finally ready to be his true self. The only thing keeping him in the closet is…his gay best friend?

Liam Carroll has a problem. His gorgeous best mate wants to kiss him and touch him and…everything with him. But for how long? With Robert embarking on a bright future—far from their rough-and-tumble East End streets—Liam may soon be left behind. He can’t risk falling in love with a man he can’t live without. His solution? Keep things casual, see what happens.

Aye, right. After one night together, “just mates” is no longer an option. Robert wants more than sex, but diehard cynic Liam won’t drop the barriers around his heart. As they push and pull each other, their lifelong bond—the heart of the Warriors team—is ready to rupture. With the bridge back to mere friendship well and truly burned, Robert and Liam must go forward together—or fall to pieces apart.

“I’ll make you want me. I’ll make you beg. I’ll make you make me an exception to your rule, until the rule no longer matters.”

This was a winner! The second book is still my favorite, but I still enjoyed this one immensely.

This one is more focused on the relationship and the romance. There is plenty of steam (although the sex scenes seemed a bit repetitive to me), some sports action (that, surprisingly, I enjoyed) and no politics or religious stuff.

And seriously, despite his stubbornness and the fact that I wanted to gut punch him, Liam said the most wonderful things.

““Goodbye is one word you’ll never hear from me. Not unless you say it first. And even then, what you’ll hear is me saying, ‘Please don’t go.’”

Extra points for the way bisexuality was handled and the depiction of the struggles bisexual men sometimes have, within the gay community.

Glasgow Lads Series

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