MM Inmate Desires Complete Trilogy

Title: MM Inmate Desires Complete Trilogy
Author: Angelo Biggs
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: January 14, 2017
Genre(s): Gay short story, prison, multiple partners, erotica
Page Count: 84 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

This sizzling hot collection of all three MM Inmate Desires books brings the complete trilogy together into one ebook!

Matteo has spent ten years in a medium security prison for a crime he admits to committing. A reformed criminal, he’s made a life for himself but he always keeps an eye on the pumpkin parade – the line of fresh inmate arrivals walking in their orange jumpsuits – to check out the new guys on the block. When Matteo and his Brazilian buddy Luiz spot Billy for the first time, they both want to see more of this alluring young hunk.
As the men get to know twenty four year old Billy, they realize he isn’t just gay, he’s extremely curious about exploring his sexuality. Erotic encounters lead to many prison pleasures until a tension emerges between Matteo and Billy. Is there something more to all the hooking up that’s happening? Will it lead to a deeper relationship? Only one way to find out – get your complete trilogy now!

MM Inmate Desires is a sultry entry into gay fiction. This is a hot erotica series in which grown men engage in passionate, consensual encounters. It is intended for a mature audience seeking short M/M fiction with a healthy dose of attractive muscular men, quirky prison slang, and an exciting variety of sexual situations with multiple partners.

Talk about a hot sexy read. This book is definitely that and then some.

Most would think that being an inmate book it would be all fighting, forcing and such but that is not what his book is. Yes there is some parts that make it truly about prison but for the most part I think this book is about self discovery and acceptance of what we find in that self discovery.

Mateo is top of the food chain in prison. He is the one you to when you need something and he is fair about how he handles his business, even when you cannot pay. So when a newbie named Billy approaches him he does lik he does everyone else and gives him the opportunity to pay back his debt.

When it becomes clear that Billy cannot pay that debt back with money, Billy and Mateo come up other another form of payment. The same happens again when Billy does the same thing again but the stakes of paying back was higher this time in the form of Luiz. This is the instance that Mateo started to realize that something was going on inside of him where Billy was concerned and he knew that just could not happen.

So Mateo does what he believes is the right thing for him to do and he starts to push Billy away. In th proceeds of doing this he makes a huge mistake because he hurts Billy and Billy decides that if Mateo does not want him then that is fine. He knows Mateo will have to live with his decision so Billy decided the only thing he can do is go on with his life and is determined to not hide it f on Mateo.

This is what finally pushes Mateo over the edge and Mateo has to finally face what is going on within himself and that is he is falling for Billy and does not want anyone else to have him but him.

But Billy is not willing to fall into Matwos’s arms and does not abide by what Mateo wants. Has Mateo lost his chance at what could end up being the best person to walk into his life?

This was a short read but a very good read at the same time. I truly enjoyed it. I loved wading my way through th stickiness of Billy and Mateo’s relationship. It was a very sexy and entertaining read.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of MM Inmate Desires Complete Trilogy provided by Angelo Biggs in exchange of an honest review.


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