And Call Me in the Morning

Title: And Call Me in the Morning
Author: Willa Okati
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Release Date: January 19, 2010
Genre(s): Contemporary/Friends-to-Lovers
Page Count: 264
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5
Blurb:A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

Take two, and call me in the morning.

Eli and Zane. Colleagues at work and close friends, though on the surface it’s an unexpected friendship between an odd couple. While Zane took the “high school to college to med school” track, medicine is Eli’s second career and the best choice he ever made. He has work that he loves, an extended second family of colleagues and friends, and Zane.

So why does everyone make such a big deal about the pair of them?

Yes, they spend a lot of time together. It doesn’t mean they’re a real couple. When teased about it one too many times by their colleagues, Zane challenges Eli to set the record straight with a kiss to prove there’s absolutely no chemistry between them.

Neither expected a spark to ignite between them. More than a spark. Desire. Passion.

Zane wants to try getting up close and personal again to see if it was a one-time fluke or something more. Eli thinks he’s too old to jump the fence now, but he can’t say no to Zane and he doesn’t want to.

Truth be told, Eli’s not so sure they can set the record straight after all.

This review is from a re-read in March 2013 and January 2017. I originally read this book back in 2011 and loved it! It was my absolute favorite friends-to-lovers/gay-for-you book until I read Falling Into Place and it meet it’s match. (And Crossroads happened since I read this too.)

MC’s Eli and Zane are best friends and doctors working at the same hospital. After some irritating ribbing from mutual friends, they decide to share a kiss to see if their already extremely close relationship could also include romance. The kiss throws both of the straight men off guard at how powerful it is. The book follows these two lovely men through exploring this new relationship while trying to keep their friendship intact. It is fabulous and loving and heartwarming and you will absolutely fall in love with both stubborn ex-cop Eli and do-gooder Zane.

If you like friends-to-lovers, gay-for-you, first time sex between committed partners who have strong feelings for one another, romance, hot make-up sex, angst and, of course, a HEA, I can HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED And Call Me in the Morning and the sequel And Call Me in the Evening.

And Call Me in the Morning Series

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