The Visionary

The Visionary.
Title: The Visionary
Author: Charli Coty
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: 30th Jan, 2017
Genre(s): Paranormal, Mystery
Page Count : 156
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Colin Page, eighteen-year-old community college student, apple polisher and all-around goody-goody, has a secret. He sees things that aren’t there. Unfortunately, the Doc Martens on the floor of the mail vestibule in his apartment building really are there and attached to a dead body. Hunkered over the body is someone Colin had barely noticed before, Private Investigator Al Green. Most people scare Colin, but for some reason, Al doesn’t, even after he reveals that he knows about the hidden reality of their world.

Alonzo Green, despite his low-power mind, is determined to help right the wrongs he unknowingly contributed to. He’s also hopelessly smitten. He knows it’s wrong—probably even dangerous—to enlist Colin’s help with the investigation. And that’s before considering all Al has to fear from Colin’s fiercely protective and powerful mother.

Colin and Al put some of the pieces together, but as soon as one thing becomes clear, the picture changes. The search for the Big Bad takes them from Portland to Tacoma and Seattle, and eventually to San Francisco, but their journey into each other’s arms is much shorter.

“The visionary” is a paranormal m/m romance. The MCs are part of a special group of individuals who have powers to read and bend your mind and see things that normal people cannot. The story starts with a murder which brings the MCs together.

The events of the story revolve around Alonzo and Colin’s investigation which requires their brand of special powers. As the story progresses we get to know more about the powers that the ‘visionaries’ possess. Colin has always known he was different but he never knew the extent of what he was capable of. The story then continues with the progress of Al and Colin’s romance until there is a new threat. People are dying in the guise of a ‘new drug’ but Al knows that it’s something else entirely and they are the only one equipped to stop the killings.

The story writing here is very jumpy. Even the beginning of the story is abrupt as Al and Colin meet for the first time. Their introduction was seriously weird.

We are told that Colin and Al have special powers but after that when the murder investigation continues, we don’t get any proper information about the so called ‘visionaries’. I got confused half the time when new characters are introduced suddenly without any premise at all. There are many twists and turns here but they were not effective enough to increase the mystery factor of the story.

I seriously could not follow a lot of the plot. It was confusing and not too exciting. Most of the time the plot was not clear enough to follow properly. It was all jumbled up and I had to skim a lot.

The characters of Al and Colin was not very detailed and well developed. I could not connect with them. Their romance was just as abrupt as their first meeting. One minute they are looking for a killer and the next they are giving each other BJs. There was no development of their romance. They were suddenly moving in with each other soon after they met which under the circumstances was very unbelievable. Al did not reveal a lot of his earlier life with Colin which comes out later. Given the significance of the matter I hoped it should have been at least hinted beforehand but as everything here, this reveal was also very abrupt.

I did not enjoy this story very much. The writing style was not ideal for a mystery story at all. The continued sense of danger is completely absent with events popping up without any warning or connection. I liked the concept of the ‘visionaries’ but it was not executed very well. I cannot recommend this book.

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Review copy of The Visionary provided by NineStar Press in exchange of an honest review.