Extraction (PIU’s Review)

Title: Extraction
Author: Lex Valentine
Publisher: self published
Release Date: 17th Nov, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Second chance Romance, Military
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Two soldiers, former lovers, each think they are saving the other from a South American drug cartel, all the while rehashing their broken relationship.

Green Beret Shane Cullen has been undercover for the DEA with a South American drug cartel. Eighteen months into his assignment, and unbeknownst to Shane, the cartel’s number two man is captured by the U.S. Marshals and starts to talk. Shane’s mission becomes endangered. His Special Forces commander calls in a favor and pulls in Shane’s former lover and teammate Elliott Hutchens for an extraction.

Elliott hasn’t seen Shane in almost two years, since his lover walked out on him. But Shane’s in trouble and doesn’t know it, so Elliott can’t refuse the mission. Getting himself captured by the cartel in order to force Shane to rescue him is the easy part. The hard part comes when Shane discovers he’s the real extraction, not Elliott. Shane’s bad temper ended their relationship once before. Will it get in the way again or can these two soldiers work through their issues and find their way to a happy ever after?

‘Extraction’ is a short and sweet story about two lovers who after two years of separation reconcile and get back together.

Elliott and Shane were green berets serving in the same team for almost a decade. Out of those years, they have spent 6 of them as lovers. They were inseparable and totally in love. But after a life-threatening incident, Shane makes a rash decision out of anger and leaves Elliott behind shattering both of their hearts. Now after two miserable years, Elliott is sent on a mission to extract Shane from an undercover job which is about to explode royally. The estranged lovers meet again and Shane finally realizes what an ass he had been for not facing his fears and running away during a time when Elliott needed him the most. Elliott is it for Shane and he will have to face his fears, reign in his famous Irish temper and grovel like no one’s business to get his lover back in his arms.

I enjoyed this story very much. It had a fast pace and within a short amount of pages; the author was able to paint a nice picture of the issues that had ultimately separated the couple. The angst here was cranked up quite high given the situation and I loved how they resolve everything at the end. Shane does not actually beg but he did a far better job by working on his issues and promising a secure future to Elliott.

The connection between the MCs was quite profound and I loved how the author builds up the story from their hurt and misunderstandings and conclude it with a very satisfying HEA. Given the size of the book there is not much room for a lot of steam but it was adequate to make their union and the epilogue perfect. It gets a little cheesy at the end but hey, they are in love so I guess they are allowed to be a little cheesy.

The story has a military background but there is nothing actually happening here action-wise. The extraction happens at the very beginning and that’s the end of anything ‘green berets in action’ related. The entire story is about reconciliation of the lovers with a little push from their best friends and team mates.

I would have loved a few more adrenaline pumping scenes and a detailed character development but I can’t fault the author for that coz this is a novella, so there is not much space to go in more depth than what is already done.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this short story. The angst here was just right for a second chance romance and it had a good plot with well sketched primary and secondary characters to make it an enjoyable read.

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Review copy of Extraction provided by Lex Valentine in exchange of an honest review.

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