Married for a Month (Belen’s Review)

Title: Married for a Month
Author: Cate Ashwood
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 10th 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 170 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Best friends since high school, Chase Bradley and Alec Montero are opposites in almost every way. The one thing they can agree on, though, is that marriage is for suckers.

Everything is going their way until a drunken bet leads Alec and Chase to the altar. Their temporary “I Do’s” aren’t as amusing in the sober light of day when they find themselves thrown into married life and everything that goes with it.

The question they have to ask themselves now is, can their friendship survive being married for a month?

Take a bachelor with a history of not committing to anyone…

What they said was true, though. I’d never been the long-term-relationship guy. I loved the spark of newness when I first went out with a guy. Dating too long led to that spark fading, and all that was left in its place was banality and dull sex.
No, thank you.


And add a well-timed bet from friends that Chase couldn’t remain “married” to someone for a month. Chase immediately “proposes” to his best friend Alec so they can prove to their friends just how easy marriage is and voila! You have the plot of Married for a Month.

While I usually like a good fake boyfriend/fake married story…in this case this didn’t really thrill me.

Cute enough with likable characters for the most part, a believable enough premise for the situation, some hot sexy times and told in dual first person POV this should have been a slam dunk for me. But…I just didn’t really connect to the story.

I liked that they didn’t really get married, which would have come with a whole host of legal complications, but rather just had a super fake “ceremony” and then behaved as though it was real.

I liked that Alec chafed at Chase suddenly always being there. In the room, in his bed, taking up the covers, leaving bowls around and being messy. That made the story feel more authentic.

I liked how Chase went out of his way on several occasions to do things for Alec, even when he was being prickly.

“How long have you known we were coming?” The arena was beginning to fill up, most of it a sea of black and yellow, but hardly anyone had seats as good as ours. Unfortunate bastards.
“Since yesterday. I was offered a couple of perks for finishing up the park project on time and on budget, and I chose the tickets. The seats are supposed to be pretty good.”
“You hate hockey.”
Chase shrugged. “And you love it. You should have seen your face when you realized where we were. That was very nearly a hands-free orgasm.”
A wave of something washed over me—gratitude, affection, and maybe something deeper…”


I liked the progression from friends to lovers – and, major bonus, the sex was hot!

Fake marriage, best friends to lovers, with some light miscommunication, hot sex, and a HEA ending.

I’m not really sure why this didn’t delight me. All the parts were there…so this might be one of those times when headspace at the time of reading gets in the way of enjoyment. I might try a re-read at a later date and see if it works better for me then.

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