Waves Break My Fall (Second Edition)

Title: Waves Break My Fall (Second Edition)
Author: Kendall McKenna
Publisher: LNA Press
Release Date: November 8, 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary/Healing/Comfort
Page Count: 165
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Kage is a Marine, struggling to adjust to life after combat. He tries to decompress with a quiet trip to Puerto Vallarta. Zach just graduated from college. He’s facing the realities of adulthood, and a new career.

They meet in Mexico, and their erotic vacation fling leaves them both wanting – and hoping for – more, once they’re home. Zach enters the police academy, Kage reports to Camp Pendleton, and they settle into daily lives as a new couple.

When Kage’s post-combat issues nearly destroy everything he and Zach have built, can they find the right help? Can they hold on, even if they do?

Review of Second Edition

The second edition of Waves Break My Fall reads completely different from the first edition and was far superior. It was almost twice as long and contained a fair amount of angst and drama that amped the story up several levels.

The first edition ended with Kage and Zach at the airport in CA, about to meet Kage’s mother. In this edition, they actually meet Kage’s mother and the story continues for several years from there. We get to see the boys start a relationship and weather a few storms. It certainly isn’t smooth sailing!

I absolutely loved this book and really, really want to put it on my fuck yeah, 5+ stars shelf, but there is one thing holding me back. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the fuck yeah, 5+ stars shelf is for perfection only.)

Kage ends up putting Zach through the emotional wringer, big time, and while Kage’s love for him was implied, we never got to hear Kage say the words. I really needed that in this one and was super bummed I didn’t get it.
But, with this second edition, I have raised my rating up from 4 stars to 5 and am adding this to my absolute favorites and dirty talk shelves. *fans self* I am recommending to anyone who has already read and enjoyed the first edition to read the second edition for a extended and much enhanced Kendal McKenna M/M military romance experience.


I read this one on Alya’s recommendation. She is a big fan of Kendall McKenna and I was contemplating the high price of her newest book The Strength of the Pack and she said it was incredible, but all her work was wonderful, so I thought I’d try one of her earlier books that was already in my library. She was right! I loved this book!

Big, strapping alpha male Gunnery Sergeant Marine, Kage, on leave from active duty in Afghanistan meets beautiful collage student, Zach, from California and about to enter the San Diago Police Academy, in Mexico for a whirlwind romance in a tropical paradise. Their 7 days of lust and passion can’t possibly last, right? Soon they’ll be on opposite ends of the world again. *sigh*

But I don’t read stories like that if I can help it. These two lovely boys get their HEA. Fuck yeah!

Recommended if you like military men, pretty collage boys, sex on the beach (and I don’t mean the cocktail) and men that can connect on more levels that just sex.

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