The Seventh Flower (PIU’s Review)

The Seventh Flower.
Title: The Seventh Flower (World of Love)
Author: Ingela Bohm
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 8th Feb, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary, Novella
Page Count : 76
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 0.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Christer is too old to believe in fairy tales. He’s not the kind of guy to pick the proverbial seven flowers on Midsummer’s Eve so he can dream of who he will marry, and he certainly isn’t the type to fall for someone he’s just met. Especially not a womanizing blogger named Henrik.

Besides, Christer’s previous marriage didn’t end with a happily ever after. Therefore, he has no interest in gifting his heart to someone who lives five hundred miles away and probably isn’t even gay. His family is right: it’s time he grew up and stopped dreaming.

But Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden is a magical night, and Henrik won’t stop flirting. As the midnight sun shines down on the misty woods, maybe there’s room for one last dream.

“Seventh Flower” is not your typical romance. There is no drama, sweet love, passion or ‘I love you’s here but what’s present is a beautiful and hopeful start to a relationship on the Midsummer’s Eve in the Swedish countryside.

The story is a prolonged evening and kind of a ‘first date’ of our MCs who are both plagued by completely different insecurities but are suffering in a startlingly similar way. It’s a ‘getting to know you’ story which continues for the span of one night.

Christer is a huge fan of Henrik’s blog and has preconceived notions about the man but in reality he does not know the real Henrik at all and it becomes obvious when he meets him and they talk the night away. Christer is a dreamer and a hopeless romantic so when a ‘straight’ Henrik flirts with him subtly throughout the night, Christer hopes for more. Midsummer’s Eve is a magical night and when the seventh flower is found, a positive ray of hope is maybe just the thing to tie two virtual strangers together for the long haul.

Midsummer’s Eve is a mystical night, a night where your dreams gets fulfilled and love blooms and the author has captured the essence of the whole event beautifully. Through the MCs conversations we get to know the significance of the night as well as the ‘then vibrant’ and ‘now crumbling’ history of the small northern Swedish county. The entire thing was beautifully coalesced together with the ongoing heart to heart between the MCs. I loved the setting. Gathering seven flowers to get a chance to make ones romantic wishes come true, sounds enchanting right??? It reminded me of my childhood summers when I used to press different flowers and leaves for fun sometimes (mostly because of a bio project*wink*)

I liked how the characters of Henrik and Christer are revealed one conversation at a time throughout the story. It’s not overtly romantic but a true ‘getting to know you’ evening. I liked the flow of the dialogues as the MCs engage in the tough job of collecting ‘Seven Flowers’ in the harsh weather of northern Sweden. The story ends with a promise of more which is brilliantly hinted by Christer’s dream.

I enjoyed this unique story where the author has written a subtle romance or the beginning of one with the amazing backdrop of one of the popular holidays of the featured country, ‘Sweden’.

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Review copy of The Seventh Flower provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.

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