Shifting Views (PIU’s Review)

Title: Shifting Views (The Carlisles #4)
Author: Meg Harding
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Release Date: 10th Feb, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count : 200
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5

Successful fashion model Denver Carlisle is finally living on his own. He’s got a new apartment, a neighbor who has a problem shutting his blinds, and a local bakery with an owner who makes his knees weak. It’s raining men, and Denver hasn’t gotten any in a long time. Going out on a limb, he asks Ethan Monahan out and resorts to a little exhibitionism for his neighbor. Only to be turned down by both. That’s a first.

Ethan Monahan runs his own bakery and has a new neighbor who walks around naked. The latter is a little too distracting. When his naked neighbor turns out to be none other than model Denver Carlisle—and the customer who asked him out—Ethan tries to make amends. In a purely friendly way.

Friendship leads to more, and both men find themselves in over their heads with emotions and compromises. Denver has trust issues that could span the Sahara, and Ethan is a product of the foster system with a chip on his shoulder and a serious wariness of those with money. There’s only one way to reconcile their issues: work together.

‘Shifting Views’ is book 4 of the Carlisle series. It can be read as a standalone.

After his twin brother Dorian settles down with his boyfriend, Denver finds himself alone for the first time in his life. Now he has to be a grown up living alone in an apartment as well as navigating through daily life without the comfort of his brother’s constant presence. It’s a lot to adjust to. But not to worry coz to add a whole lotta spice in his new life enters Denver’s ‘naked neighbour’. The guy parades around in his apartment naked but Denver has nothing to complain about when he gets a free show of the tightest and the most delicious pair of buns almost every night!

Denver meets Ethan, the owner of the ‘delicious buns’ in Ethan’s bakery. They are attracted to each other from the very start. But there are baggages and huge hang-ups on both sides which deters them from falling into a relationship. They start from neighbors who saw each other naked across buildings and after a brief but unsuccessful stint as friends finally turns into lovers. And yeah, they then do engage into some loud, kinky and filthy sexy times which were crazy HOT!

It’s a slow burn romance with the couple becoming lovers almost at the second half of the story. The characters are adorably awkward when they meet and that bout continues for quite long. I just felt that even after becoming boyfriends they didn’t have that intense connection which I always hope to find in a couple. They work through their problems one at a time and get to know each other more intimately in a very slow pace. It was believable but not overtly emotional or touching.

It’s a nice story with a dual POV, a few major issues on both sides to make up for the angst factor and a sweet HEA. I loved touching base with the other Carlisles. They are a tight knit bunch and I liked their frequent appearances as Denver and Ethan fumble their way to their HEA.

All in all, I liked this awkward but endearing journey of Ethan and Denver as they fall in love. It does not have the smoothest start but will grow on you as the story continues.

The Carlisles

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