Corporate Bodies (Urban Love #3)

Title: Corporate Bodies (Urban Love #3)
Author: A.E. Ryecart
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: February 7, 2017
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, second chance for love, starting over
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

When professional turns personal, it’s too late to step back. . .

Smart, young and ambitious, the future’s bright for Jake Stafford—except for his addiction to a man he should have turned his back on years before. When he receives news that forces him to re-evaluate his life, Jake has to kick his habit and go cold turkey for good.

When Oliver Lester walks out on his life in New York and returns to London after an absence of more than twenty years, the biggest piece of baggage he brings back is a broken heart. Powerful and sought after, Oliver is a man whose corporate reputation goes before him but as he stares into his future he sees nothing but work-filled days and empty, lonely nights.

Free of long-term relationships which have left them disillusioned and cynical, neither man is looking to risk his heart. But an invitation to dinner leads to more, and Jake and Oliver find themselves swept up in an affair neither is seeking. Crossing the line and breaking all the rules, both men come to learn what it is to feel whole and complete as they begin to fall in love.

But the past has one final trick up its sleeve. An uninvited guest, a violent confrontation and the fear history is repeating itself leaves them reeling.

As the future they promised each other hangs in the balance, Jake and Oliver are faced with a stark question: can they find the strength to destroy the past before the past destroys them?

What an amazing read.

Two men not looking for love and it falls in their laps. Both have aweful pasts with both men being hurt by other men. Neither of them thought they would find anyone else only to find each other.

Oliver was in a twenty year relationship with the man he thought he would spend his life with only to have it all yanked out from under him when his ex Brad left him for someone else. Oliver decided he needed to start his life over at the age of 48 years old to only find that he was just beginning his life and learning to feel alive for the first time all because of one man Jake.

Jake is only 28 years old and has been in a horrible in again off again with a man who was like a drug to him. The relationship between the two boarders on abusive from the bruises and rough sex his ex enjoyed. Jake did not ever see himself letting go completely of that relationship that is not until he met Oliver.

Yes their is a huge age difference between these two men and seeing as how they work togther is not the best of ideas but these two men could not walk away from each other if they wanted to. Even with all the trouble and even danger that Jake’s ex is causing, these two men stick togther and work through it all. It is not always easy but when you have met your soul mate, it is hard to walk away and in these two men’s case damn near impossible.

I really enjoyed reading about how these two came togther and how hard they fought to stay togther. It was a rocky road at times but both knew the other was worth it. Their relationship made the age difference an non issue. I love that above and beyond everything, they respected each other and their feelings for one another. This was an amazing read.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Corporate Bodies (Urban Love #3) provided by A.E. Ryecart in exchange of an honest review.


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