Jerricho’s Freedom

Jerricho's Freedom.
Title: Jerricho’s Freedom
Author: Jake C. Wallace
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 13th Feb, 2017
Genre(s): Fantasy
Page Count : 334
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

As prince of the Anzuni demon clan, Jerricho’s entire life has been planned for him. At twenty-five, he will become the crown prince of the Anzuni, marry a man chosen by his parents, and bear his husband’s children all without choice. If that wasn’t enough, he must remain a virgin until his wedding night. To do otherwise would spark an unimaginable scandal.

With only ten months until his twenty-fifth birthday, the walls close in on Jerry, and the realization that he will lose his small apartment, his job at the library, and his freedom hits hard. But that’s nothing compared to losing the man he loves. Rex is a smart and sexy construction foreman with a keen interest in demon “mythology.” When Jerry and Rex give in to spending one night together, their indiscretion can’t be kept secret for long. But that’s only the beginning of their problems.

Someone wants to harness the power of Jerry’s bloodline and his ability to conceive—someone with designs on horrifying experiments, sex slavery, and murder. Jerry and Rex are at the mercy of power-hungry sadists. With no one left to trust, they must fight for each other, their freedom—and their unborn child.

Dark Fantasy is what the story strives for but the end result was a huge novel with a whole lot of unnecessary plot twists and actions which was not dark or interesting.

The start was so promising. The mythology part was really interesting with the introduction to an ancient demon clan who has been living on earth among the humans. The male royal of the Anzuni demon clan has a myriad of magical powers, the crown jewel being ‘able to give birth’. So exciting right! But yeah that was only like till the 20% mark because after that it was just complete chaos.

What ensues after is kidnapping, experiments from hell, super-drugs, sex slaves, rape and finally as all of the above was not enough, there was WORLD DOMINATION. Yeah, U heard right! It was a total clusterf&@k of events which did not make any sense most of the time.

The entire captivity made me roll my eyes most of the time. It felt like a bad action movie with too many villains and too many subplots. There was no fantasy after that other than Jerricho’s ‘pregnancy’.

The ending shows that humans know about the demon clan but there are no repercussions. You would think that discovering an ancient magical demon race cohabiting with the humans is going to cause waves worldwide but no, the humans are not at all rattled by it!

The romance here is unbelievable as the MCs were given very less page time to actually develop a relationship. Rex might have studied about the Anzuni demons but finding them to be real does not freak him out at all*eye-roll* He rolls with the whole father thing without any fears or doubts. The love becomes extreme and ‘I will die for you’ kind all of a sudden without any proper build up. Any human would have freaked at first at least but no not our lovestruck human hero, Rex.

With the almost 100k words, the story got really draggy at times. There were many unnecessary events piled one after another without actually investing in one properly. The dragons are said to have powers but that was not explored properly which was a huge letdown for me.

If the ‘captivity’ part was cut short without the ‘demon-soldiers’ and ‘sex-slave/drugs’ part and concentrated more on revenge or escape with more romance development, I would have enjoyed it better.

Not Recommended.

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Galley copy of Jerricho’s Freedom provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.

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