Tru Flame (PIU’s Review)

Tru Flame.Title: Tru Flame (Ember Peak #3)
Author: Edie Danford
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: 14th Feb, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance
Page Count: 218
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

In the final chapter of the Ember Peak series, Tru and Jones face an unexpected challenge on their road to happy ever after.

Tru and Jones never expected riding off into the sunset to be easy. Their relationship’s script has never been silver-screen smooth or shiny. But dealing with life’s boulders, washouts, and irksome little details seems downright easy now…because they’re facing each bump in the road together.

But when Tru’s sister announces she wants—and desperately needs—him and Jones to adopt her baby, the new couple’s notions of family, home, their upcoming marriage, and even living at Ember Peak are flung into chaos.

They’ve defined themselves as lovers, partners, and future husbands—but are they ready, and do they even want to be, fathers? If they are to form a forever family, Tru and Jones will have to help each other navigate a new path they never expected to travel.

Tru and Jones have become one of my favorite m/m couples ever and writing this review is hard because this is the last book in the series and it’s like saying goodbye. Hopefully Ms. Danford will include them as secondary characters in a future spin off coz the ‘Trunes’ couple is just the greatest.

In this last leg of their journey, Tru and Jones are thrown another curveball as Sandra decides to dump her kid on them and jetset off to rehab to get treatment. After her behavior in the last book I was kind of hoping she will change for the better but her character deteriorates to a whole new level of a ‘Selfish BITCH’. She literally blackmails her brother and Jones to adopt the kid which in turn forces them to change every plans they had regarding their future in a hurry. So, yeah Sandra is the ‘wicked witch of Ember Peaks’ for me. Her reasons behind her decision are explained but I so did not care after the stupid and selfish stunt she pulls on my favorite couple.

Tru and Jones are suddenly fathers and they are scared shitless as to how to handle parenthood to the best of their abilities. Jones, the sweetheart that he is, is totally ready to take care of his little son and embrace being a full time parent but Tru, not so much. After a shitty childhood with an asshole father, Tru has vowed to never be a father himself and so this new situation throws him off his game completely.

The story progresses as the couple struggle their way through ‘late-nights’, ‘sleeplessness’, ‘an ever hungry baby’, ‘endless diaper change’ and a completely erratic routine. They do their best with all the employees of ‘Ember Peak’ coming together as a family to help them in their scary but absolutely beautiful adventure of being parents. There is anxiety and doubts as Jones falls head over heels for little ‘Sam’ and Tru mends bridges with his mother and works on his issues to truly appreciate and love their precious bundle of joy.

Throughout all the chaos, Tru and Jones’s love is as solid as ever. They had each other’s back through everything life threw at them. With the new addition to their family their love just grows more and heart achingly overwhelming to include ‘little Sam’. They were a solid unit as always and I loved seeing them becoming a family.

”Jones’s love was the one pure form of energy in my life. The fuel that made my worn-out heart hum and my world-weary hopes rev. ~ Tru

I am very happy with how the story ends but not the way it comes about. I wanted Tru and Jones to actually want to get married and not forced into it because of Sandra. I wanted them to actually decide to have children rather than saddled with one without any warning. So yeah I was little disappointed with how the ending came about but ultimately they did get their much deserved HEA despite the odds so it was worth it.

I am going to miss Tru and Jones terriblypouts

Hopefully we will get a new spin-off series from Ms. Danford soon enough coz there were few hints as to who the next couple is going to be. cougha grizzly bearcough for starters, if you know what I meanwink

Few Bonus Quotes

Tru and Jones’s marriage vows

“Jones, I love you, and I want to spend my life with you. I would consider it the greatest honor of my life—” His voice cracked a little, but he went steadily on. “—if you would accept my vow to cherish you and care for you and be your partner. From now until…forever.”

“I love you, Tru. And I want to spend my life with you. I want to live in your heart forever and I want you to live in mine.” I had to stop to swallow some more tears because this solemn shit was solemn. But also joyful—and it was a known fact that joy could make me tear up, too. There are so many things I could say about the way I feel, but mostly my love for you is as big and as constant as a mountain or the ocean or the sky. I vow to be there for you for all the joy and pain life gives us. From now until forever.”

Ember Peak Series

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