Tru Flame (Ele’s Review)

Title: Tru Flame (Ember Peak #3)
Author: Edie Danford
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 14th 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 218
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

In the final chapter of the Ember Peak series, Tru and Jones face an unexpected challenge on their road to happy ever after.

Tru and Jones never expected riding off into the sunset to be easy. Their relationship’s script has never been silver-screen smooth or shiny. But dealing with life’s boulders, washouts, and irksome little details seems downright easy now…because they’re facing each bump in the road together.

But when Tru’s sister announces she wants—and desperately needs—him and Jones to adopt her baby, the new couple’s notions of family, home, their upcoming marriage, and even living at Ember Peak are flung into chaos.

They’ve defined themselves as lovers, partners, and future husbands—but are they ready, and do they even want to be, fathers? If they are to form a forever family, Tru and Jones will have to help each other navigate a new path they never expected to travel.

Such a hard review to write. Some parts I loved, some others…not so much. And a certain part made me all ragey. I’m rounding up, because in the end, all that mattered to me is that Tru and Jones are one of the best couples ever.

The chemistry and the the connection they share is phenomenal. Take it from someone who doesn’t like series that feature the same couple. Tru and Jones not only didn’t bore me, but I was thirsty for the scenes that it was just the two of them, living teir HEA. The steamy scenes are just AMAZING!

I also liked the secondary characters, and the way they all came together and form a family that supports Tru and Jones 100%.

The writing is magnificent. Edie Danford is extremely talented with words, and she can really make me feel.

Now on to the ragey part. For the love of everything that’s holy, why, Sandra, why? We finally get an explanation about her behaviour, and trust me, I tried to be understanding, but she went about it all wrong. Leaving without a warning, leaving the baby with Tru and Jones asking them to adopt him or put him up for adoption, because apparently she can’t and doesn’t want to be a parent…emotional blackmail, byotch!!!

I rarely let secondary characters ruin my mood or influence my rating but the whole thing is what drives the plot here. So yes, Tru and Jones get their amazing HEA, and become a family. But I hated the way this family was formed, I hated the fact that Tru and Jones were rushed to get married, I hated the fact that they kept walking on eggshells around Sandra until the last minute. And you know what I hated the most? That I can’t shake the feeling that Tru did NOT want to be a father. The man wanted to be an uncle. I did not buy his change of heart, sorry.

Despite everything, Tru and Jones have a special place in my heart, and I’m looking forward to more books by Eddie Danford. Bring Gunnar!

Ember Peak Series

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Galley copy of Tru Flame (Ember Peak #3) provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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