Between These Sheets

Title: Between These Sheets
Author: Devon McCormack
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: February 20, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 227
Reviewed by: Parvathy
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

“I fought one war on the battlefield. Now I fight another in my mind.”

Jay is always on the run—always looking for the next place to start a new life. But no matter how much he moves, he can’t escape the painful memories that haunt him. As he settles into his latest job in the warehouse at a glass bottle factory, he finds himself the target of his co-workers’ teasing. When he takes a stand against one of the bullies, a fight breaks out. His boss, a war vet named Reese, steps in, and Jay accidentally shoves him to the ground, revealing Reese’s prosthetic leg. Jay’s sure he’s gonna lose his job, but he’s blown away when he’s given another shot.

Reese is annoyed by the new guy. Jay is reckless and temper prone. Maybe Reese shouldn’t have given him a second chance, but his attitude reminds him of his war buddy—a guy who he cared deeply for and who he lost under tragic circumstances. He just hopes Jay doesn’t let him down.

When an accident in the factory triggers one of Reese’s PTSD episodes, Jay returns the favor by being there for him and keeping anyone else from discovering the incident. Reese wants to move on and forget it ever happened, but Jay won’t let it go. And as much as Reese tries to keep his distance, there’s a heat—a passion—between them that he can’t resist. It leads them to the bedroom again and again, but Reese quickly realizes they’ve ignited more than the sparks they create between the sheets. And despite the tough-guy façade Jay puts on, underneath there’s a soul just as tortured and hurt as he is. He’s starting to fall for Jay, but he knows there’s a dark storm lurking in the back of his own mind—a storm that will return one day and destroy the beautiful connection they share.

Between These Sheets is a standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending.

Between These Sheets is a beautifully crafted emotional, intense and raw story of two men who lives a life in throes of their past and demons and how they form a soul-stirring bond that gives them the courage to find their happily ever after.

Reese and Jay are two of the most intense, emotional, complex and loveable characters I have ever read. Jay and Reese have demons. And by demons I made hell-lot of them. They have issues, deep seated issues which has become a part of who they are and has shaped them. What starts of as just a physical attraction turns into something profound, deep and soul stirring for them. The best part about this story is that there is no magical pill that makes everything easy for them .They have struggles. Right from the first page of the story till the last page they struggle and the struggle that they go through has been portrayed realistically. What Reese goes through has been expressed well and my heart went out to him. My heart went out towards his helplessness. The author does not make their relationship easy. Every minute and every second of their relationship is filled with both ups and downs and it is the most intense,honest and raw portrayal. I loved Jay and the way he has been characterized. He is having his own demons and he is scarred by his past, but I loved that he became what Reese’s soul craved, the peace that gave him the courage to try and have a life filled with love. I loved the way the author developed their relationship. Another fantastic element of this book is the way the author has explored their sexual chemistry. The sex scenes are kinky, panty melting hot and set the pages on fire. What was also beautiful was how author brought about a lot of heart into their moments.

I simply fell in love with Reese and Jay and their beautiful story. The author has managed to craft two characters who will resonate deep in your heart and will forever remain a part of it. If you want to go on a journey which will break your heart, put it back together and leave you with a smile, this is your book. Highly Recommended.

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