Scary (Twirled World Ink #3)

Title: Scary (Twirled World Ink #3)
Author: J.M. Dabney
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 17th 2017
Genre(s): M/M/M Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 198 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Welcome to Twirled World Ink where the crazies run the asylum.

Gene Sheridan earned the appropriate nickname when Legend Gib Phelps employed him at Twirled World Ink—Scary. No one made it out of his old neighborhood without scars both mental and physical. At one time, Scary thought he had a chance that is until his ex-boyfriend discovered slumming with someone like him wasn’t worth his trust fund. No-strings hookups became his go-to when he needed to relieve some tension. Co-owning a bar called Brawlers with his best friend, Tank, made it easy to find a body to use for the night. If not happy he was content with his life, but one man made content seem like such a terrible thing.

Elijah Vaughn worried about everything. His life was put on hold at eighteen when his mostly-absent parents died on one of their many adventures leaving him to raise his six-year-old brother, Brody. He’d never had anything or anyone that was just his. When Brody met a tattoo artist named Trouble, Elijah hadn’t realized how much it would change his life too. He met a huge man named Scary and how the man made him feel terrified him.

Tank Davis lost his voice the night he was attacked and had this throat slit ear-to-ear. It kept him in a world of silence. Silent and intimidating, he scared off more men than he drew to him. His best friend Scary and him made a life for themselves in small town Georgia with their bar Brawlers. Most night everyone could find him working security at the door. Scary called in a favor, and Tank met the one man he couldn’t resist, proper and upstanding Elijah Vaughn.

Can one man accept that there’s not one perfect man for him, but two damaged souls who need him to be whole?

Author’s Note: Although this is the third book in a series each book is a standalone and every book deals with a separate couple.

*sighs* This one was okay and I mostly liked the m/m/m relationship between Tank, Elijah and Scary but I felt like some je ne sais quoi was missing. Which is odd to me because this story is so much longer than the first two books, so I felt like there should have been more.

I don’t know. Might just be my mood.

Once again the editing and proofreading were sorely lacking. But, frankly, I was expecting it to be bad so I was able to largely ignore it. The thing that annoyed me once again though? The time jumps. It felt like we got told a lot, but not shown much.

And why was Brody missing from so much of this? Elijah is his brother, the dude who raised him, and they were very close in the last book, but barely spent any time together in this one. Come to think of it, the crew is really only peripherally in this one…

But I digress.

Anyway, I did like that it is told from all three men’s POV, the throuple sexy times were good when we actually got to see them, and it has a sweet HEA.

I just wish there had been a little more on page relationship building, and maybe even gotten to see Tank get his voice back.

All in all, while I can’t claim it’s my favorite, I can’t say it was a complete disappointment either.

Twirled World Ink Series

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