The Mystery of the Curiosities (PIU’s Review)

The Mystery of the Curiosities.Title: The Mystery of the Curiosities (Snow & Winter #2)
Author: C.S. Poe
Publisher: DSP Publications
Release Date: 7th Mar, 2017
Genre(s): Mystery/Thriller, Romance
Page Count: 200
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Life has been pretty great for Sebastian Snow. The Emporium is thriving and his relationship with NYPD homicide detective, Calvin Winter, is everything he’s ever wanted. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Sebastian’s only cause for concern is whether Calvin should be taken on a romantic date. It’s only when an unknown assailant smashes the Emporium’s window and leaves a peculiar note behind, that all plans get pushed aside in favor of another mystery.

Sebastian is quickly swept up in a series of grisly yet seemingly unrelated murders. The only connection tying the deaths together are curiosities from the lost museum of P.T. Barnum. Despite Calvin’s attempts to keep Sebastian out of the investigation, someone is forcing his hand, and it becomes apparent that the entire charade exists for Sebastian to solve. With each clue that’ll bring him closer to the killer, he’s led deeper into Calvin’s official cases.

It’s more than just Sebastian’s livelihood and relationship on the line—it’s his very life.

I have been waiting for this book from the moment I finished the first one. I gobbled this ‘mystery’ in no time at all and I absolutely loved the ‘snow & winter’ team once again here.

This story can be read as a standalone mystery-wise but you need to read the first book to follow Calvin and Sebastian’s relationship which I would, advice.

This time around Sebastian is again targeted by an unknown ‘mysterious’ figure who leaves breadcrumbs all over the city for him to follow and solve cold cases. And each time Sebastian succeeds he gets rewarded by a bizarre artefact. Ooooo…..Intrigued yet??? I bet you are!

This story hooked me from the very first page. It was kinda similar to the first book but still I enjoyed the twists and turns. The start was bizarre enough to kick-off this mystery grandly. The various facts and history that the author used to construct the mystery was brilliant. It was right up the alley of our wannabe amateur sleuth, Sebastian. I loved his encyclopedic brain and his child-like enthusiasm to solve the mystery. His antics did almost give Calvin heart attacks but once Seb is on a hunt there is no stopping him.

The story moves very fast as dead bodies start piling up after every clue left is solved. Along with the mystery, Calvin and Sebastian’s relationship also progresses through personal trials and struggles. Calvin is shown here battling his PTSD and Sebastian along with his dad and his partner try to help him heal. The romance was adorable and I loved them together more in this book. The ex is still lurking in the shadows which spark some insecurities but they resolve their doubts by engaging in some fiery love-making which was HOT!

I loved this sequel. It was an exciting journey what with unraveling clues, catching killers and Calvin trying to keep Sebastian from becoming a prime example of “How curiosity killed the cat”.

A fantastic job done by Ms. Poe. I will be waiting with abated breath for Sebastian and Calvin’s next adventure!

Snow & Winter Series

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Review copy of The Mystery of the Curiosities provided by DSP Publications in exchange of an honest review.