True Colors (Renee’s review)

Title: True Colors (True Love, #2)
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: March 14, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary/YA/NA
Page Count: 287
Reviewed by: Renee
Heat Level:  3.5 flames out of 5
Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Oskar used to be Marco’s best friend. His everything. His sunshine yellow.

But that was before. Before Marco stopped being a hot jock. Before he learned to live with scars and pain. And before Oskar tore their friendship apart.

Now the boy next door has returned home, determined to rekindle his friendship with Marco, and Marco’s more afraid than ever. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of being humiliated.

Afraid of falling in love.

Can Oskar find a way through Marco’s fear, back into his heart?


“True Colors” is an enemies to lovers, boy next door, first time, slow burn M/M romance with a generous helping of UST. This no-cliffhanger, HEA book can be read as a standalone.

…”he used to be sunglow yellow. My happy, my everything.
Now he’s rust.”

This is such a beautifully written story. Marco and Oskar were best friends and next door neighbors from birth to thirteen. And then they weren’t. It takes only one event to learn Oskar’s true colors.

Now at twenty, Marco learns that Oskar is coming home again. Even through high school (or the German equivalent), Marco rebuffed every attempt Oskar made to explain and apologize.

Marco holds a mean grudge. What Oskar did was a shitty, shitty thing to do. To anyone. But especially your best friend. But Marco holds on to his anger more than most. Why?

…I do what I do best. I run away and hide.

This book is Marco’s journey to self-discovery. To healing from scars, both physical and emotional. To growing up and learning what’s important and what’s not.

I don’t want to be salmon or burnt orange or any other cowardly color.

The only reason, and I mean only , that this book wasn’t 5 stars for me was the YA/NA aspect. The new-adult was strong in this book. As it should be when dealing with twenty year olds, sixteen year olds, and thirteen year olds. It was told beautifully. But there’s a reason I don’t read much YA. The immaturity grates on me. We were all like that, of course. But I simply like maturity in my romance.

Truly though, if YA is your thing, this will be a 5 star read for you. I honestly can’t wait to start tackling some of this author’s back stories. Gorgeous writing. Sunday can tell a story.



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