Wild Instincts (Natsha’s Review)

Title: Wild Instincts (Seaside Shifters book 2)
Author: Ethan Stone
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 8, 2017
Genre(s): Gay shifter romance, drugs, secrets, cops, mystery/suspense, mates male pregnancy
Page Count: 142 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Police cadet and bear shifter Tyson Dakota looks forward to his on-the-job training in Seaside, Oregon, working alongside his cousin, Chief of Police John Dakota. Their goal is to investigate the growing meth epidemic and identify the kingpin bringing the drugs into their community. All signs point to someone inside law enforcement working with the drug traffickers, and Tyson must find out who before the body count gets any higher.

Along the way, Tyson meets Amante, a charismatic and attractive man in town for reasons he doesn’t want to share. Tyson is drawn to Amante despite his secretive ways and is sure there could be more between them than explosive passion, if he could just get Amante to make his stay in Seaside permanent. But when Tyson’s pursuit of justice puts him at odds with Amante, they could lose more than their fledgling relationship.

They could end up losing their lives.

This is such an amazing series thus far. You honestly never know what to expect to happen next and that is what makes this series so special.

I love how Ethan took John and Trevor from the first book and made sure that they was such a huge part of this second book. I also love that Ethan took one of the supporting characters, which was also John’s nephew from book one, and made this book about him.

Tyson came to the first book as a teenager that had an attitude. He is not much older in this book with only being eighteen but the attitude has definitely subsided and now that he has graduated high school and is of age, he wants to follow in his uncles foot steps and join the police force along side John. Tyson wants to do everything possible to do the exact opposite of his sperm donor father who is nothing more then a criminal.

Right before his first day as a cadet Tyson decides to check out the towns one and only gay bar since he can now go and that is how he meets his mate, Amante. The chemistry between these two men is off the charts from first meeting. The only thing is Tyson would have never seen hisself falling for a human and a human that knows nothing about shifters to boot. But that is exactly what starts to happen the more these two men spend time together.

The thing is though, Amante is very closed off when it comes to talking about anything involving his life. At first Tyson is not too concerned about it but once the meth case that Tyson and John have been working on starts to heat up and the fact is revealed hat Amante knows and works with Tyson’s father Ricky, Tyson can no longer ignore the information that keeps coming to light and that Amante is caught up in it all the way up to his eyeballs.

The situation turns even more dangerous when Tyson starts to recall memories that he could not remember previously about finding a dead suspect and what happened after that followed. Now Tyson, Amante, and Trevor find themselves in a dangerous situation that could go horribly wrong rather quickly. The situation takes even more turn for the worse when John’s Trevor goes into labor with their shifter babies. The question is, can they all make it out alive or will Tyson’s father be the one to bring them all down in the end? Will Amante be able to turn his life around for the good or has time ran out and caught up too him?

This was an amazing addition to the first book in this series and I can honestly say that I think this book was just as amazing as the first book was and if there is a third I have no doubt it will be just as amazing as the previous two. Ethan Stone proved that with this series to be an amazing author, if not before this series came out. I truly love these books and think others will also.

Seaside Shifters

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Galley copy of Wild Instincts (Seaside shifters book 2) provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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