The Brothers Bishop

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Title: The Brothers Bishop
Author: Bart Yates
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: June 28th, 2005
Genre(s): Contemporary MM Romance
Page Count: 304
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 1 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Tommy and Nathan Bishop are as different as two brothers can be. Carefree and careless, Tommy is the golden boy who takes men into his bed with a seductive smile and turns them out just as quickly. No one can resist him – and no one can control him, either. That salient point certainly isn’t lost on his brother. Nathan is all about control. At thirty-one, he is as dark and complicated as Tommy is light and easy, and he is bitter beyond his years. While Tommy left for the excitement of New York City, Nathan has stayed behind, teaching high school English in their provincial hometown, surrounded by the reminders of their ruined family history and the legacy of anger that runs through him like a scar. Now, Tommy has come home to the family cottage by the sea for the summer, bringing his unstable, sexual powder keg of an entourage and the distant echoes of his family’s tumultuous past – with him.

Love doesn’t “grow.” It doesn’t wait for you to discover it, it doesn’t fall like a gentle rain from the sky, it doesn’t tiptoe into your heart like a happy little bunny, and it doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with familiarity. Love is neither patient nor kind.

Love attacks. It sneaks up like a pride of lions or a pack of hyenas and eats your heart out while you watch. Love is the bully on the playground who takes your lunch money and gives you a black eye in return, the arsonist who burns your house down with you in it, the witch who lures you into her home with candy and boils you alive for dinner. Love is raw, and violent, and instantaneous. You don’t fall in love; you get trampled by it.

I totally lost myself in this book, all the boundary between WRONG and RIGHT, all my understandings and beliefs about RIGHT and WRONG becomes blurred. I don’t want to have long discussions about philosophy of life, but this book made me question some very serious subjects.

One week of one hot summer that will change everything. One week and a whole life.

The Brothers Bishop is a soulful moving and emotional story. I cried me a river at the end, but I LOVED IT to pieces.

This book will stay with me forever! It was not just a book, it was a new reading experience!

I want now to read EVERYTHING that Bart Yates wrote and everything he’ll write.

Highly recommended!!!

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