Just Words (Nortown #4.5)

Title: Just Words (Nortown #4.5)
Author: Ofelia Gränd
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Release Date: March 14th 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 32
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.50 stars out of 5

<blockquoteAiden leaves the security of his massage studio behind to rush into the woods when he hears Tristan has gone after some gun-carrying idiots from the city. He can't believe Tristan is willing to risk his life for some stranger.

What will Aiden do if Tristan is killed? He must stop him before it's too late. He can't lose Tristan. And neither gun-waving lunatics nor the frost-covered roads surrounding Nortown will keep him from getting his boyfriend to safety.

Just Words features Aidan an….hold on a second…

Ok I needed that. This was SO FREAKING HOT!

What I ‘ve come to expect from these little dirty Aidan/Tristan shorts, is that what starts as sexy and filthy, ends up pretty emotional and deeply meaningful. This is even more intense in Just Words. The dialogue is super powerful for such a short story, and I think that Tristan is pretty close to f@cking the trust out of Aidan, finally.

Aidan might be irritating but his insecurities tugged on my heartstrings a little bit. I believe this was not the last we ‘ve seen of this couple. I have a gut feeling that the series is turning full circle, with Aidan and Tristan finding their HEA once and for all.

On a last note, can we please have some more manties? It’s been a while.

NOTE: Do not read this before book 4 because spoilers!

Nortown Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Just Words provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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