Enemy Within (Parvathy’s Review)

Title: Enemy Within (The Executive Office #3)
Author: Tal Bauer
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 445
Reviewed by: Parvathy
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5
Blurb:A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

The White House, infiltrated.
The president, running for his life.
A traitorous general, intent on burning the world to the ground.

When everything falls apart, who do you trust?

President Jack Spiers fled Washington DC on the heels of a devastating attack on CIA headquarters, masterminded by one of America’s own, former General Porter Madigan. While the world believes Jack was killed in the bombing, he embarks on a wild infiltration mission, smuggling himself into occupied Russia to rescue the love of his life: former Secret Service Agent and First Gentleman Ethan Reichenbach.

Reunited, Jack, Ethan, and deposed Russian president Sergey Puchkov, along with President Elizabeth Wall—the only person left in Washington DC who Jack trusts—must work together. They piece together a desperate plan, hunting Madigan to the ends of the earth and the bitter frigidity of the Arctic, where Madigan’s world-shattering doomsday plan comes together.

Outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and outgunned, Jack, Ethan, Sergey, and the rest of the team struggle to put a stop to Madigan and his army. In the desolate extremes of the Arctic, their resolve, their strength, and even their love is tested, pushed to the absolute limits as choices must be made: choices that pit the fate of the world against the love in their hearts, and the loves of their life.

As the world crumbles around them, Jack and Ethan find themselves waging a war on two fronts—against an enemy they can see, and another, hiding within their ranks.

Who can be trusted when the enemy is within you?

Enemy Within is the brilliant, emotional, gut wrenching, intriguing, action-packed conclusion to the events that had been coming forth since Enemies of the State and Enemy of my Enemy. The book is fast paced, filled with moments where your heart will be in your throat and also filled with beautiful soul-stirring emotions. Ethan, Jack, Sergey, Sasha, Adam, Faisal, Scott, Levi, Elizabeth and the rest of the characters will take you on a ride which is guaranteed to be unforgettable, mesmerizing and spectacular.

The book picks off right from the end of Enemy of my Enemy and the story moves forward with the world on the brink of an apocalypse. The characters are racing against time to save the world and their loved ones. What is the best part about the author’s books are the attention to details. The author paints a very vivid and descriptive picture that we feel we are right there in the middle of the story with the characters. The characters are very well developed and the way author takes them on their journey is simply marvelous. Jack and Ethan grew more as a couple. This book truly shows the depth of their bond and the extend to which their relationship has grown. Their journey from being friends to two men madly, passionately and soul-deep in love has been portrayed in a magnificent manner. Their love and relationship is something which tugs at heart. I fell in love with Jack and Ethan in the first book and it’s suffice to say that they have taken up permanent residence.

Apart from love stories of Jack and Ethan, the book also lets us into the stories of Sergey, Sasha, Adam and Faisal. How Sergey and Sasha finally find their way to each other is nothing short of beautiful. They will make you feel every emotion they are feeling and will make you root for them and their love story. But Adam and Faisal are the one’s who truly captivated me in this book. Their love and the depth of feeling they possess for each other made me feel almost an envy. The extend to which they love each other and the lengths they go for each other made my heart break and also filled me with joy. Adam and Faisal and their relationship and the deep passionate bond they share stirred my soul. I fell in love with them and I feel like I cannot explain in words how much their love made me feel.

Another brilliant aspect of this book is the action and how the author has tied up all the events in the three books. Reading the first two books in the series is absolutely necessary to understand the story. Everything is connected and it all comes together brilliantly. I loved all the action and romance and every single thing in this book. This book is a captivating ode to the love these men share and how in the midst of a disaster love gives us the strength to strive and move forward. This book is also a celebration of love, love which is unselfish, honest and true.

Enemy Within is the masterfully executed conclusion to what had been brewing right from first book. You will be tested, tried and you will be taken on a journey which will leave you breathless with emotions and the magnitude of actions but you will never be disappointed. I am completely and utterly enamored and captivated with this series. Highly Recommended.

The Executive Office Series

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Galley copy of Enemy Within provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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