Honor (Men of Virtue #6)

Title: Honor (Men of Virtue #6)
Author: Cait Forester, Brian C. Palmer
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 254
Reviewed by: Kristin
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Martin Warner is barely holding his life together. His older brother Keith, who was always Martin’s rock, died two years ago in Iraq. His Aunt Janey, who raised Martin and Keith when their mother died of a heroin overdose, is slowly slipping into dementia. Martin’s father, Hal, is a junkie who will take any opportunity to get his fix. So when Martin is accepted as a physical therapy intern at the VA hospital, he isn’t sure he can handle one of his first patients: Taggart Pierce, the bully who made Martin’s life hell throughout high school. Now, Taggart is an ex-marine who lost a leg and suffers from PTSD. But does his sacrifice erase the damage he did to Martin’s life? And why is Martin so drawn to a man who has caused him nothing but pain?

Taggart Pierce wanted nothing more than to follow his father’s footsteps and join the US Marine Corps—and he did, for almost a full four-year tour. That was, until an IED took his left leg, his mental health, and his sense of purpose. The VA has offered to give him a new leg made of fiberglass and aluminum, and his therapist offers him a chance to try and reclaim his life through unconventional means—but could Martin Warner, who represents the worst part of Taggart’s past, be the one to offer him a new sense of purpose in life? Taggart never imagined that he’d be forced to confront his sexuality; he was more than happy to be married to the USMC. Now that the corps has abandoned him, is it finally time to admit the feelings he’s struggled to keep stuffed in the closet all these years?

Two men driven by a sense of duty and Honor, two hearts cracked and scarred, and one rambunctious puppy may make for a complicated little family—but perhaps love can heal the wounds that truly matter in this sixth entry into the Men of Virtue series.

I have not read the previous books in the series – this can be read as a stand alone.

The book blurb sums up the story line fairly well so I won’t rehash. Overall, I enjoyed the story. Two guys struggling to stay afloat manage to connect and find some common ground. Add in a cute puppy and it’s a total feel-good story.

For myself, I think the big question is, “Why IS Martin so drawn to the man who caused him nothing but pain…” throughout High School? This is compounded by Taggart – “Tag”- being a prickly SOB at their first meeting at the VA Hospital.

Without a doubt, our two main characters have a lot of emotional baggage to overcome. Tag is struggling with PTSD and rehab for a missing limb. Martin is dealing with a long distant commute to take care of his Aunt with dementia. Which is where I have qualms with the book. There’s a HECK of a lot of resentment to overcome and ‘friends with benefits’ fixes everything?

This is also the second book I’ve read recently where there is some blurring – nay, downright crossing – of the patient/client line. Perhaps some naivety on my part perhaps, that this happens more frequently than I realized?

Yeah, yeah, I’m probably being picky, but that’s kinda the point of a review.

My issues aside, I did like how the two men complimented each other – Martin wanting to help despite his past issues and finding that Tag had issues of his own. Tag admiring Martin for being comfortable in his own skin and his willingness to help others. Add in the puppy and well, it is a sweet story that flows well and avoids things like The Big Misunderstanding and heavy angst.

Men of Virtue Series

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