Forgotten Paradise

Forgotten Paradise.
Title: Forgotten Paradise (Dreamspun Desires #32)
Author: Shira Anthony
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 15th, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


It’s dangerous diving for secrets.

When a mega company threatens to take over his family-owned business, programming prodigy Adam Preston escapes the stress with a much-needed vacation in the Dominican Republic. There he meets attractive, intelligent, insightful Jonah James, a scuba dive instructor, and what starts as a holiday fling soon blossoms into much more.

But Jonah has a secret: ten years ago he woke up on an island beach with no idea how he got there… or even who he is. Their paradise may not be as perfect as it seems. When Jonah’s memories come crashing back like waves on the sand, will it be Adam clinging to the proverbial life raft, or will the two men find a safe harbor to ride out the storm?

‘Forgotten Paradise’ by Shira Anthony is a story about second-chances in life. Many times people lose themselves in the race to reach the pinnacle of success, not considering the people who they hurt or destroy, and when they do come to their senses, the things/people which matters most are already lost. Something similar happens to our MC, Jonah, who after 10 long years gets a second chance in his life to change for the better.

Adam Preston is struggling with a huge decision regarding his father’s company which is putting a major strain on his relationship with his family. His vacation is a way to escape it all for a complete week. What makes his vacation even more enjoyable is one completely gorgeous scuba driver who not only understands him and helps him forget his worries but also generates strong feelings in him which are so much more than just a holiday fling.

Jonah James has a secret. Ten years ago he washed up on a beach with no memories of his previous life or even who he was. Remembering always brought him more pain than comfort so he has totally forgone any attempt to dig up his elusive past. His one week with Adam results in him falling in love while also triggering his long-buried memories. And when the veil finally lifts, Jonah finds himself countering his past mistakes while also being in a critical situation which can destroy what he has built with Adam in the island.

The story had a soothing feel for the first half, as the two MCs get to know each other and share their fears and burdens while enjoying the hell out of the idyllic setting of the beach and the blue ocean. Adam and Jonah explore the beautiful beaches as well as their budding feelings for each other which leads to the last night of Adam’s vacation when they finally fall in bed together.

After Jonah’s memories rushes back, the story takes a more serious tone as Jonah tries to comprehend his past life as well as battle with past mistakes and regrets. Once a ruthless businessman with no consideration for anyone, Jonah changes his life completely as he realizes that there is more to life than success.

Both Jonah and Adam’s characters are very well developed. It’s a well-written romance with a nice HEA.

Dreamspun Desires Series

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