Just Add Argyle (Fabric Hearts Book 3)

Title: Just Add Argyle (Fabric Hearts Book 3)
Author: KC Burn
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 21, 2017
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, past abuse, hard life, learning disability, hope
Page Count: 218 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Tate Buchanan is a troublemaker who can’t keep a job, no matter how many times his lucky argyle sweater gets him hired. Add to that a learning disability and an impetuous nature that sends him into altercations to protect the defenseless, and he hardly manages to make friends, let alone find a man who’s interested in him for more than one night.

Most people think EMT Jaime Escobar is a player, but the truth is he wants a serious partner—he just can’t justify wasting time on guys he knows aren’t a match. But when he treats a gorgeous redhead after a fight, he finds the spark he’s spent so many years looking for.

Jaime wants to take the next step with Tate, but it’s clear Tate’s not going to curb his impulsive behavior—his next fight sends him to the hospital. Jaime’s relationship with a near criminal isn’t something his family is ready to accept, not any more than Tate is willing to be kept a secret. Jaime will need a lot of understanding—and some luck of his own—to keep them both. But this is one fight he’s going to see through to the end.

I love this series so far and this book was definitely a wonderful addition to the series that is for sure.

Tate has not had an easy life that is for certain. It seems no matter how hard he fights for a better life, something always happens and it drags him back down again. But it may just be his fighting spirit that will lead him to a better life and help all his dreams to come true. It certainly lead him Jamie.

Jamie knew from the moment that he met Tate that he was different. He could see the fire for life that he had in him and no matter how hard Jamie tried too at first to forget Tate, it was impossible for him to do so. Do instead Jamie decided to embrace his attraction and seek out Tate and see if that spark that he felt the first time they met was really and truly there and if Tate felt the same.

KC Burn has definitely earned my respect. The reason for this respect is because KC has a way of taking an extremely difficult situations and turning them into a book that can and will give those that read hem hope. It is not fairy tales with KC. It is hard subjects and how the characters have to fight for their happiness. It is realistic and each book is written with such care and love that the reader can see that KC put heart into each book.

This book is one of those books. KC wrote this book that could not be an easy subject matter because it is about neglect and forms of abuse. It is about how some people are only pushed through the school system and not helped with a disability that can leave them floundering and drowning through life. It could not have been an easy book to write about but after reading it, KC wrote it in a way that leaves the reader inspired.

This was an amazing read and definitely on my recommended list. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out because I know it will be just as incredible as the other books in this series. I have come to expect no less from KC Burn.

Fabric Hearts Series

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Galley copy of Just Add Argyle (Fabric Hearts book 3) provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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