The Trouble with Trevor (Kristin’s review)

Title: The Trouble with Trevor (Off Limits #1)
Author: Cin Forrester
Publisher: Elsewhere Publishing
Release Date: November 7, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Erotica
Page Count: 125
Reviewed by: Kristin
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Like most other guys his age, Trevor Nash just wants to escape his small town, go to college and get laid. It’s not his fault his parents are freaked out because his older brother went to college and binge drank himself to death. Trevor’s not going to do that, but they won’t let him go unless he stays with his godfather, Marine vet Grady McKinnon.

Grady’s come to appreciate a quiet life in Boston since an IED tore off his foot and forced his discharge, but he owes his oldest friend a lot. He agrees to the babysitting, provided Trevor sticks to a few basic rules.

It’s been five years since Trevor’s seen Grady, a long time in a teen’s life. Now Trevor is stunned to find out his muscled temporary guardian is a walking wet dream. Trevor has a new plan: get Grady’s attention, no matter how many rules he has to break to do it.

Warning: This book contains a pushy brat, a loner learning to like company, lots of spanking, and some desperate longing.

You will note this is book one. I will note, book end ends as a cliffhanger. If that bothers you, wait till the rest are published because there is NO resolution in this book.

Jacket blurb is pretty accurate: Trevor’s brother binge drank himself to death in college and while seventeen year old Trevor had no inclination to follow in his brother’s footsteps, his parents are extremely protective. All Trevor wants is to take his classes and get laid.

Grady has been discharged from the Marines when an IED took his foot off. He’s been living alone and Grady agrees to watch over his friend’s son, Grady’s Godson. Grady has stipulations and rules that come attached, and he’s not averse to following through on his threats.

Trevor wants Grady. Grady wants Trevor. But…it’s complicated.

This is not a romance. There is no wooing. There are no gentle touches, subtle hints, playful innuendo. Trevor has a spanking kink and has figured out how to push Grady’s buttons. Grady has an ethical dilemma – while the legal age in Maryland is 16, and Trevor is 17, Grady won’t touch unless Trevor is 18.

So both men are getting their rocks off in other ways.

This makes the overall story a bit rough, edgy and provocative. It’s got some very gray edges with Grady’s moral quandary – he wants Trevor. But Trevor, in Grady’s eyes is a) his friend’s son b) his Godson and c) underage.

Trevor is simple – he wants to have sex. He’d prefer sex with Grady, and his hand is an acceptable substitute, but he wants more. Spanking plays heavily into his fantasies, he knows how to get Grady to accommodate him in that aspect.
And this is where the story became a bit jumbled. I’ll admit the hang-ups are probably more my quirks than overall plot issues.

a) Lack of trust in Trevor. From nearly page one, nobody trusts Trevor. Trevor is not his brother. But, if there wasn’t the lack of trust, there really wouldn’t be a plot. Still, massive lack of trust and I haven’t seen anything in Trevor’s actions and deeds to warrant that reaction.

b) Grady treating Trevor like a Marine and not a teenager. I can see both sides of this: the need for discipline, a snarky young adult testing his boundaries – but mostly it didn’t work for me.

c) Grady not manning up and telling Trevor, No, we can’t have sex for ‘these’ reasons. And when the story ends as abruptly as it did, I was left feeling rather annoyed. I’m not adverse to cliffhanger endings, but on top of the items I noted above, I’m not sure I’m inclined to get the next book. It will be interesting to see what others think.

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Galley copy of The Trouble With Trevor (Off Limits #1) provided by Elsewhere Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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