See My Words (PIU’s Review)

See My Words.
Title: See My Words (Spectrum Nights #2)
Author: Melanie Hansen
Publisher: Ninestar Press
Release Date: 24th Apr, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary, Comfort/Healing
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Successful underwear model Scott Ashworth is lucky—his attack at the hands of an unknown assailant will leave no visible scars. His professional goals are still within reach, and best of all, his stepbrother Rylan Mahoney is back in his life, their teenage infatuation at last getting the chance to deepen into something more.

Thrown together by the circumstances of Scott’s injury, Rylan’s long-dormant feelings for him are quickly rekindled, though he’s haunted by the memory of Scott’s disappearance on the night of his eighteenth birthday and the six missing years that followed. Rylan pushes Scott for the truth, a firm believer in the maxim that secrets lose their power once they’re shared—but resurrecting old demons almost always comes with a price.

Before Scott knows it, his life is spiraling out of control, his toxic insecurities welling up to threaten the fragile relationship he’s building with Rylan. Learning to let go of the past and believe in himself will be Scott’s greatest challenge, or else he risks losing Rylan forever this time.

After the shocking cliffhanger in book 1, I was really looking forward to this book. Rylan and Scott’s relationship gets more complicated and more intense in this conclusion and even though I wanted to bash Scott’s head in a thousand times, I could not help but still love him till the end.

Till now Scott and Rylan’s journey has not been easy and it does not get any better in this book. They had to fight tooth and nail for their HEA and it was so, so satisfying. Getting Scott to finally realize that he deserves love was like taking one step forward and then again retreating five whole steps. Not at all easy, let me tell you. But Rylan held on and so did I and the result was so rewarding and amazing, that I cried (they were happy tears!)

“Don’t shut me out, Scott. I’m on your side, remember? Let me be your friend.” ~ Rylan

The push and pull drove me crazy but I had faith that they will pull through anything if they are together.

The story provides backtracks to the time eight years ago when Scott left home and we get proper details of what all happened to him before he finally landed in Phoenix. His story was a bitter pill to swallow. My heart broke for him time and again. Scott was full of self-loathing and always trying to push people away coz he was afraid of being rejected and left behind. He was a man everyone wanted but no one truly knew. He was lonely, living in a fake world where all people wanted were his good looks and never once the genuine person behind it.

“It’s not his job to be my white knight, to save me from myself. I need to learn how to do that, not rely on him to make it better. I don’t want to be his emotional burden…. I want to be his partner.” ~ Scott

I loved Rylan here like crazy. He was like a knight in shining armor for Scott, rescuing him from his fears and insecurities and finally giving him the confidence, trust and unconditional love to set himself free of all the bad things in his life. Sometimes I really wanted Rylan to just leave Scott and let him get a taste of his own medicine but then again I trusted him to always do the right thing by Scott. He was like an unshakable rock in his affections and true understanding of Scott.

The heat factor here just exploded. Rylan and Scott’s chemistry was on fire. They were making up for lost time and some heavy regrets and they did it with boiling heat. There is also a bonus threesome which though unexpected was completely HOT!!!

Along with our golden couple, there is another HEA in this story which was equally pleasing. We get a closer and deeper look in Minh’s character and what all he endured along with Scott while on the streets. I am so thankful to the author to give him such a sweet ending as well.

So all in all, this was a total win for me. Angsty, emotional, healing and passionate, this series just had everything. Loved it and I would definitely recommend it!!!

Spectrum Nights Series

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