Linchpin (PIU’s Review)

Linchpin.Title: Linchpin
Author: Jodi Payne
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Release Date: 2nd May, 2017
Genre(s): Mafia, Novella
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A cleaner for the mob should know better than to make his own mess.

Randall Quinn has been a cleaner for the mob for over ten years, but a particularly violent scene sets him to drinking alone and contemplating his options. At thirty-nine, it’s possible this is just a mid-life crisis so he tries buying himself a flashy car to satisfy the itch, and agrees to take another job to test his conviction. He’s expecting easy money when he arrives at a seedy motel to clean up after what the Boss told him was supposed to have been a simple execution. But what he discovers in that motel room is anything but simple, and from that moment on, every decision he makes for himself makes his life more and more complicated.

‘Linchpin’ is a mob novella. The story does not have much going on for it in the plot department. Our MCs are thrown together in a very unusual situation while danger and death looms in the background, until all comes to head at the end in a not so awesome manner.

Quinn in a cleaner and has been working with the mob for 10 years. The story starts when Quinn is tasked to clean up another dead body left behind by the mob thugs in a decrepit motel. But what should have been a routine job with little or no complication turns into a major clusterfuck when the “dead body” turns out to be not so dead after all. Now Quinn is ordered to put up with an unexpected house guest until someone comes for the guy.

Close quarters develops an unlikely attraction and Quinn and Tony’s relationship changes from captive-captor to passionate lovers all in one day. But danger is dogging both of their asses and Quinn has to decide if he wants to save himself or risk getting killed to protect the man who is supposed to be the enemy.

The heat factor is the only thing going for this novella coz everything else was not very credible. For a cleaner working for the mob, Quinn does not take long to shut down his self-preservation completely for a guy who he has known for less than a day. His character behaved more like a rookie than a seasoned criminal, well aware of the consequences.

Anyways, if you can look past that this novella is quite entertaining as two guys forge an unlikely bond cooped up together waiting for the inevitable axe to fall. There is a surprise waiting for you at the 90% mark which kinda explained the odd happenings from the start. The ending is not all-out gangsta but was OK to provide the feel of chase.

Overall, this is a quick, entertaining one-time read.

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