The Monet Murders (LenaR’s Review)

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Title: The Monet Murders (The Art of Murder #2)
Author: Josh Lanyon
Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing
Release Date: Mai 25th, 2017
Genre(s): Suspense/MM Romance/Contemporary/FBI Romance/Thriller
Page Count: 311
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

All those late night conversations when Sam had maybe a drink too many or Jason was half falling asleep. All those playful, provocative comments about what they’d do when they finally met up again.

Well, here they were.

The last thing Jason West, an ambitious young FBI Special Agent with the Art Crimes Team, wants–or needs–is his uncertain and unacknowledged romantic relationship with irascible legendary Behavioral Analysis Unit Chief Sam Kennedy.

And it’s starting to feel like Sam is not thrilled with the idea either.

But personal feelings must be put aside when Sam requests Jason’s help to catch a deranged killer targeting wealthy, upscale art collectors. A killer whose calling card is a series of grotesque paintings depicting the murders.

The waiting was worth it! The second installment didn’t disappoint: a great mystery, charismatic characters and a lot of FEELINGS!

I’m a BIG fan of Art Crime novels, unfortunately I haven’t come across them too often in the LGBT genre. With The Art of Murder series Josh Lanyon killed two birds with one stone (for me, I don’t literally mean the number of deaths in this book, it is slightly more): My mystery-soul is extremely happy and my romance-soul is completely satisfied.

Let’s talk about the mystery. Ve-ry complex, ve-ry creepy, with a brilliantly created spooky environment and thrilling atmosphere. Wow.

James West, FBI Special Agent of the Art Crime Team, investigates a fraud in Fletcher-Durrand Gallery. Legendary FBI profiler Sam Kennedy who since their last case together in Massachusetts has promoted to chief of the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit hunts a serial killer, who leaves a Monet painting at the crime scenes. And Christopher Shipka, a reporter for the Valley Voice on his private mission to find out what happened to the German art student Paris Havemeyer almost 20 years ago. But hold on tight: there are much more!

The fact that all these cases are connected hasn’t come totally unexpected. Key word ART.

What took me (and not just me) by surprise, was a cold and very reserved appearance of Sam at the crime scene and how he purposely ignored his almost boy-friend. (At least it was what we all truly believed, didn’t we?) As if there were no Massachusetts and passion PURE, as if there were no those eight months of sensual phone calls. What the hell is going on? Sam tries to stay aloofly official; James tries to hide his hurt, confusion and embarrassment. Sam pretends they are just good friends, James needs an explanation.

And then this case they have to work together on… A COMPLICATED mayhem of feelings!

The best prerequisites for an emotional romance with a lot of sexual tension.

With Sam & James interaction, Josh Lanyon fulfilled all the most high expectations of the most critical readers of romance novels.

Highly enjoyable and beautiful MM Romance Mystery, that left you craving for more!

The Art of Murder

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