Chief’s Mess (Ele’s Review)

Title:Chief’s Mess (Anchor Point #3)
Author: L.A.Witt
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: June 19th 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 291
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Anthony Talbot is in Anchor Point to visit family, but after two days of strife, he needs a break. A local gay bar is calling his name.

When Chief Noah Jackson sees that red head stroll into the club, he immediately wants him. They’re perfectly matched, and before long, they’re burning up the sheets. Noah can’t get enough. Anthony can’t stay in Oregon for long, but as soon as he leaves, he’s counting down the days until he can fly back for more. And between his increasingly frequent visits, there’s always phone sex, sexting, webcams . . . anything they can get.

But Noah’s got a carefully crafted façade, and Anthony can’t help noticing the slowly forming cracks. The scent of alcohol in the middle of the day. The extra drinks at dinner. The hint of red in his eyes. Anthony knows what it means. He doesn’t want to believe it, but he’s seen this before, and there’s no denying it. If Noah doesn’t get his downward spiral under control, he’s going to lose both his career and the first man he’s ever really loved.

This could have gone better. I’ll keep it short:

The good:

-I found that the “alcoholic in denial” theme was executed pretty accurately. Same goes for the ending and the way it all played out. We don’t actually get to see the recovering period but I think this was a wise choice. The few pages that narrated Noah’s struggles were realistic and more than enough for me.

-There is a lot of sex. L.A.Witt can sure write some epic steam.

-The setting. I’m coming from a navy town myself, and I can tell that L.A.Witt knows her way around navy/military settings.

The bad:

-There was a lot of sex. Yeah, I know I already said that. You know things are bad when you start skimming sex scenes. Steam is good, but not when it’s just a filler. This is a relatively long book, without a lot of plot. As a result, it got repetitive and boring. It was mostly sex, Anthony worrying that Noah is an alcoholic, and Noah being one but trying to hide it.

-Anthony (Clint’s brother in law in the second book). I really got off on the wrong foot with this guy. In the very first pages, he comes off as a judgemental asshole. I understand that Clint treated his sister very badly, but his attitude towards Clint’s PTSD and his lack of sympathy were appalling. I don’t care if he came around in the end. He would have never approached Clint if he didn’t need his help. Until the end, Anthony was a selfish, judgemental prick in my eyes.

I don’t know if I’ll stick with the series. I LOVED the first book. The next two…not so much. But I did like Will here, so I might give it a go.

Anchor Point Series

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Galley copy of Chief’s Mess (Anchor Point #3) provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.


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