Doll Parts

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Title:Doll Parts
Author: Amanda Lepore, Thomas Flannery
Publisher: Regan Arts
Release Date: April 18th 2017
Genre(s): Transgender, Nonfiction, Autobiography
Page Count: 208
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 1 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

“If you happen to be young and transgender, then you’re used to people being hateful toward you when all you want to do is exist. Through all the insanity in my life, there was only one thing I could control: myself. On the outside, obviously, but on the inside, too. I focused on not letting other people’s opinions have any effect on me whatsoever, and that’s how I’ve lived my life ever since.” —Amanda Lepore

Spend an evening getting intimate with Amanda Lepore, the internationally renowned walking work of art and New York City’s reigning queen of nightlife for three decades.

Paving the way for today’s “trans revolution,” Amanda is one of the world’s most famous transsexuals. In this poignant and revealing memoir, Amanda takes off the makeup, peels back the silicone, and reveals to the world the woman she truly is, all with a sense of divine certainty, humor, and charm.

“I hate everyone but Amanda Lepore.” —Miley Cyrus

“Amanda is pure heaven on earth, a dream come true. I adore her!” —Francois Nars

“Amanda is truly a living work of art. I’ve never witnessed such devotion to the art of high glamour. In my book, she is a glambassador of the very highest order, a true fascinatrix!” —Dita Von Teese

“As an Icon, Amanda is one of a kind because of her unique and singular look in the art of fashion. She has established herself as the most original and glamorous image in the world of transgender.” —Patricia Field

“Amanda Lepore is a self-creation that governs her own splendid reality.” —Steven Klein, photographer

Amanda Lepore is a recording artist, model, rule breaker, international LBGT icon, the reigning queen of NYC nightlife, and a self-made woman. She has been the photographic muse for pop culture visionary David LaChapelle and countless others for decades. Doll Parts is her first book.

I have to admit, I have never heard about Amanda Lepore before, though she looked familiar to me. Most likely I came across the pictures of her on the internet. I have to say to my excuse that I normally don’t read the tabloid press and don’t watch news about it girls or boys or self-proclaimed celebrities. But I made an exception for an American transgender woman.

It was an interesting read, not because the writing was great, but because her life is worth it to write about and also read about. Would I consider her as an inspiration or a idol for all transgender people? Probably not. For me it is rather Bobbi Logan. It is not very fair, because Bobby is a fictional character and Amanda is real, but those who read this series, know for sure what I mean.

Still – my recommendation. Read almost in one sitting. A big thank you to my GR friend Juxian who attracted my attention to this book. And you won’t do anything wrong purchasing it. An unbeatable price-performance ratio!
If you won’t get a hardcover, it is better if you can read this book on a device that gives you possibility to enjoy art photography (and kindle it is NOT).

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