The Dom of Peculiar Places (Colin’s Review)

Title: The Dom of Peculiar Places (Sons of Outlaws #2)
Author: James Cox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Genre(s): Gay Science Fiction
Page Count: 80 Pages
Reviewed by: ColinJ
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Twenty years after the Outlaw MC Series…their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when mars starts to reject humanity…

Roark is Mayhem’s son and earned his place in the club. He’s a dominant that has a constant eye on the new prospect, Henry. Roark is horny and needs to pound something, be it flesh or a warm hole. He’s looking forward to bossing the new guy around. It all goes to hell when the quake rocks mars and they’re trapped underground. As if being trapped isn’t bad enough, they overhear a plot to kill an MC member. This Dom of Peculiar places has limited time to get free, get laid and save the day.

A prospect that joins the club for unexpected reasons meets a biker that has an unhealthy obsession with him and things will get dirty. Get the lube, bring the blindfold, don’t forget the restraints. Roark doesn’t play, he takes control. And when Roark finally gets Henry under him, not even a dying planet will stop him from finding his sticky, happy ending.

Book 2, Series 2; this one overlaps the first in the series and there are some useful tie-ins that help in the contextualisation. What was not clear in the first book but is slowly being revealed here is that there is a larger backstory into which these novellas are being set. At this stage it is not clear how effective this mechanism will be as the stories remain snapshots and there remains much that is unexplained. The story itself is interesting but not challenging and there are no surprises. That is really the problem as the developing backstory is actually more interesting. The dom/sub motif is not played to its full potential, but then this is a love story and the characters are quite young. Characterisation remains lightweight, as is scenic development. Nevertheless it is an easy read.

The relationship between the two lead characters is interesting as all it does is reveal what is already there. The dominant isn’t really a dominator and similarly with the sub, but that’s OK because it’s all a game, how sweet.

The story moves at a reasonable pace given the novella structure and style of writing and holds the reader’s attention.

Unfortunately the story comes to an abrupt end, which felt like a technique to hold the reader to the next installment. Certainly there is a comic book feel to these stories that it reminiscent of serialised cinema…stay tuned.

Sons of Outlaws series

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Review Copy

Galley copy of The Dom of Peculiar Places (Sons of Outlaws #2) provided by Evernight Publishing in exchange of an honest review.