Little Boy Afraid (Boystown #0.75)

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Title: Little Boy Afraid (Boystown #0.75)
Author: Marshall Thornton
Publisher:Self Published
Release Date: April 20,2017
Genre(s): Gay Mystery, Historical
Page Count: 100
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

It’s winter 1980, private investigator Nick Nowak gets one of his first jobs working for an openly-gay senate candidate. Allen Grimley has been receiving death threats, a lot of them, and it’s Nick’s job to keep him alive until the election. As he protects Grimley from increasing dangers, his friendship with bartender, Ross deepens.

Prequel to the Lambda Award-Winning Boystown mysteries

To tell the truth, I still prefer stand alone novels. And I don’t think that every good written book needs necessarily a sequel. And…I’m not a prequel type. For me prequels look like authors want to stay in the discussion, but do not have enough time or inspiration to write a full-length novel.

But where there is a rule, there are exceptions. And Boystown series is my favorite exception: I’m glad IT IS a series and I ALWAYS look forward for more, doesn’t matter in what form.

I declare Boy Afraid to my favorite prequel EVER. One of the reason I enjoyed it so much, and rated with 5 stars without any hesitation:

It Is not THAT short. It is VERY close to a full –length novel.
And – OMG – it is Nick in the very beginning!

Here we meet him not long after he got his PI license, came out and his boyfriend Daniel left him. (not necessarily in this order). Nick is not in a suffering state any more, he has almost overcome the separation from Daniel, but his apartment is still cold and empty as well as his wallet. A fresh made PI needs urgently a job. So he accepts a job offer from an openly-gay senate candidate who gets death threats. To find out WHO is behind these threats and, in case of emergency, to protect him. Nick doesn’t have a good feeling, but he can’t turn off a good paid job.

I know that this prequel the author wrote as for his old readers as well as for new ones. But I won’t recommend it as a starter in the series. Chronologically it would be right to start with the prequels, but mentally, you have to have this deep connection to the main character to totally and utterly savor it, and to build this connection you need to read AT LEAST the first three installments.

But the Nick Nowak-oldies got a great gift from the author. It is a wonderful addition to the series. Back to the beginning: Nick is a single rookie PI, loyal, sarcastic and horny (as we got to know him), you’ll see how Nick and Ross became fuck buddies friends, the time feeling is terrific (all these fine details, settings, subjects, news!) but the word AIDS has not yet been spelled, and…the writing is getting better and better. sight.

Boystown Mysteries Series

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