Neighbours Secret Trilogy #1-#3

Title: Neighbours Secret Trilogy
Author: B.J. Smyth
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: April 6, 2017
Genre(s): Gay erotica, secrets, sneaking around, marriage, cheating
Page Count: 90 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4.8 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Read the first 3 Neighbours Secret short stories plus extras Neighbours Secret Movie Night and Passing Strangers

Neighbours Secret the story of two straight neighbours Andrew and George.
They have been friends for several years then one drunken night changes everything!

They were both happily married but they have begun a secret Gay affair, if their wives find out it could rip their lives apart but something makes them keep going back for more.

How long can they keep the secret?
What will their wives do if they find out?
How many risks will they take to satisfy their desires?

Plus These Extra Short Stories

Neighbours Secret Movie Night
Andrew and George have a night at home whilst their wives go to the cinema, will it be beer and rugby or rampant sex?

Passing Strangers
When David and James meet unexpectedly on a train platform, the attraction between them is undeniable. They change their plans and spend the afternoon together, ending in a passionate session in a men only sauna.

This is a compilation of erotic short stories written for mature readers. It is pure escapism, containing adult themes, erotic sexual situations, male-male sex, and nudity.

Included in this compilation of stories
Neighbours Secret
Neighbours Secret II
Neighbours Secret III
Neighbours Secret Movie Night
Passing Strangers

I really enjoyed reading this trilogy and I so look forward too more of these two very Captivating men in the future.

George and Andrew are best friends and have been since they met several years again. Recently George has been seeing Andrew in a different light and has been fantasizing about him and the things that he would like to do with and too him. But that is all it is or is it?

Per usual, Andrew and his wife come to George and his wife house for a cooknout one night but the something different on this night is that Andrew ends up staying at George’s house when Andrew and his wife get into an argument. There is only one of two places for him to sleep, the couch or bed with Andrew. To Andrew’s surprise George chooses to sleep in the bed with him and this night is when everything changes between them forever.

After a night of hot steamy sex together both Andrew and George decide to carry on and keep it from their wives. They find or make time for one another even if it is just stolen moments when no one is looking.

As this Trilogy continues and the closer Andrew and George become, the more risks they seem willing to take with one another. They begin to get careless and if they are not careful they may just get caught.

This Trilogy is definitely an erotic read between two very captivating men. There stolen moments in time together are made of a fairy tale. I so look forward to more books with these two men in them. I really want to see where things are going to go between them and if their wives are going to catch them and if so how they will react. Amazing read.

Neighbours Secret Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Neighbours Secret Trilogy provided by B.J. Smyth in exchange of an honest review.

What a great fantasy read. I mean this could be a reality to some but in my opinion this is more of a fantasy read then meant to be reality. Definitely look forward to the next book in this series.

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