Finding Home (Susan’s Review)

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Title: Finding Home
Author: Meg Harding
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 3, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary M/M
Page Count: 200
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Jaden Matthews has never known his father or his father’s family, but he’s about to get a crash course on having siblings. With the recent passing of his grandmother, he’s discovered he has three half-brothers and part ownership of a gym. In Serenity, Florida. His life in New York has hit a rocky road, so maybe this is the vacation he needs to get things back on track.

Chase Michaels lost his future in a car crash almost ten years ago, and he’s made a new one for himself in Serenity. One that doesn’t include getting emotionally involved with people who are just passing through. But Jaden makes his common sense flee and his gut react. He’s got one month with the man who made him believe in taking a chance.

This was a quiet book. A book that made me relax and just let me sink into the story.

I’m not sure why some quiet books bore me to death and others just get this calm enjoyment from me. And it may not have been a mindblowing story, it was a book that made me smile.

Jaden’s father walked out of him and his mom when he was just a little boy. He doesn’t remember anything about him. So when his grandmother dies and he finds out he has 3 brothers, he isn’t sure how to feel about that. All he knows is that he is now part owner of a gym, and a house, in the small town of Serenity.

Since Jaden just lost his job and his husband of 9 years left him for a younger college student, he knows he has nothing to lose by going to Serenity to meet his brothers and to figure some things out about his life.

When he arrives in Serenity he finds 3 brothers who are very excited to meet him and who want to get to know him. But Jaden isn’t sure he should let anyone get close. He feels he is not worth getting to know so he doesn’t share a lot about his life. And that makes him a hard man to get to know.

But he didn’t count on Chase, who befriends him on his first day when he gives him a lift after Jaden runs out of gas. Chase isn’t deterred in the slightest with the no trespassing signs Jaden is broadcasting.

After that first day the two end up spending a lot of time together, since Chase is already friends with Jaden’s brothers. But Jaden is still not sure Chase is gay or if he’s just being friendly. But if he wants more with Chase he needs to let himself get vulnerable..

I really liked the sweetness of this story. And I loved the calmness of the little town. The descriptions of the hot weather made me sweat at times, but because of little details like that, it made me feel more connected to the characters and the town.

I do have to say there were a couple of things that didn’t make a lot of sense and were never followed up upon. Like Jaden’s refusal to drink from Chase’s water bottle. That was just weird. And never mentioned again. It would have been nice if there was somewhat of an explanation for his behavior. I’m guessing it was a bit of OCD, but I’m not sure.

And at first I thought I was reading a sequel of some kind, because the whole father/grandmother/brothers thing wasn’t all that explained. I could eventually puzzle all the pieces together, but some things were left unexplained and made me a bit confused.

But despite these little niggles, I still ended up enjoying this. There is almost no relationship angst and the steam in this was exactly right, not too much, not too little.

An enjoyable, quiet read, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Finding Home provided by author in exchange of an honest review.

I really enjoyed this story about a 35 year old man moving to a small town to meet his half brothers, but ends up finding love.

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