Strong Enough (Natosha’s Review)

Title: Strong Enough
Author: Melanie Harlow
Publisher: MH Publishing
Release Date: June 19, 2017
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, closeted, acceptance, second chances
Page Count: 276 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

From USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow and David Romanov, comes an all new sexy and emotional MM standalone romance.

I wasn’t looking for Derek Wolfe.

I wasn’t looking for anybody. All I wanted was to start a new life in America. But when I found myself stranded here with no place to go, he came to my rescue, offering me a place to stay.

He’s smart, successful, and sexy as hell—I can barely sleep knowing he’s right down the hall. And when the chemistry between us explodes one night with fierce, fiery passion, it’s hard to deny there’s something real there.

But he does.

He says he was drunk. He says it was a one-time thing. He says he’s not into guys and what we did meant nothing.

He’s lying. Because it happened again, and again, and again. And it’s better every time.

I know we could be good together, and I want the chance to try, but I’m done hiding. If he’s not strong enough to admit the truth, I’ll have to be strong enough to walk away.

Such an incredible, emotional read. This book was so realistic that I believe that it could be considered an inspirational read to some who may be going through what poor Derek has went through.

Derek is raised in a very religious catholic home that believes that a gay person is a deviant and should basically pray the gay away. So he has tried to deny that part of himself. He has tried to ignore who he knew that he is but it is not very effective, especially after he meets Maxim.

From the moment Maxim and Derek met they both felt something different for each other then they felt for anyone else in their past. But Derek has not come to terms with his feelings at all. Do after a night of drinking, Derek gives in to his desires but the next day he decides to blame it on the alcohol and deny that it was what he wanted. So instead he tried to convince himself and Maxim that nothing happened and to move on from there with friendship only.

If only that was that was as easy to be done as it is to say. Maxim of course, was not happy about what Derek wanted but he was willing to try. Especially after everything Derek has done for him so far. But when it gets to be too much for both men and they seem to keep ending up in one another’s arms again and again after they both decide to stop fighting it.

The only thing is Derek wants things between them to sty a secret and Maxim is not willing to be a secret forever. Can two men, one that wants and open honest relationship and one that wants to hide behind close doors, come to a happy medium or will it all just be too much for them?

This book was so good. At times I felt sorry for Maxim and at other times I felt sorry for Derek. It is not an easy situation with coming out and both men had their reasoning that they each felt was right for either wanting or not wanting bit. My heart truly broke at times for both of them. This was an incredible read and definitely a book I would recommend to others.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Strong Enough provided by MH Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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