His Burden to Bear (Susan’s Review)

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Title: His Burden to Bear
Author: Shelley Grayson
Publisher: Daisywolf Publishing
Release Date: January 20, 2016
Genre(s): Shifter M/M
Page Count: 228
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Don’t get involved with humans.

Barrett “Bear” Hallinger knows firsthand the heartbreak they can cause. But when an enticing, human scent drifts into the woods before a dark moon run, Bear can’t stop thinking about the man it belongs to. And he’s sure the heat and innocence of it will draw the oversexed shifters in their group like a dinner bell.

Trevor Kallal doesn’t want to go camping. Bickering parents are bad enough, then Barrett comes strolling out of the trees glaring at Trevor like he’s done something wrong. Now, Trevor has to manage not to humiliate himself in front of the hottest man he’s ever seen.

To protect Trevor from the shifters who seduce for sport, Bear has to make them believe Trevor’s already been claimed. Bear won’t love a human–he’s lived by that rule since he was a child. But as he keeps Trevor close to keep him safe, he may learn that some rules were meant to be broken.

His Burden to Bear is a stand-alone novel within the Dark Moon Shifters universe, with no cliffhanger.

While this was a fun story about a bear shifter and a 20 year old boy falling in love, it also dragged a bit at times. And I wanted more of a HEA than what we got.

Trevor is out camping with his parents. His parents who insisted on a ‘nice family outing’ while they are trying to fix their marriage after Trevor’s father cheated.

To say Trevor is not having a good time is putting it mildly. That is until he meets the guys camping next to them. Fallon and Barrett (Bear) are camping with their father and they’re both eager to get to know Trevor.

When Bear smells Trevor for the first time his bear goes crazy. But Bear doesn’t believe in that fated mates crap so he does his best to ignore the overwhelming feeling. He does know he somehow has to protect Trevor since the camping site will be crawling with shifters the next day. So he tries to get Trevor to smell like him so everyone will stay away. But this just confuses Trevor since Bear is giving all these mixed signals…

I liked how this wasn’t a big older shifter protecting the small, younger human. No, Bear was pretty young himself, and I liked how he and his brother Fallon were acting like true brothers with their roughhousing. And despite Bear being the more broody one, I really liked him and how he took care of Trevor.

What I liked a bit less was that the first half of this book consists of misunderstandings that could have been prevented with a good talk. And I wanted a bit more closure at the end. They only ask each other where it is they live on the last page. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s close by each other! I would think if you’ve found your mate that would be the first thing you’d ask.

Still, this was a nice in-between shifter story, a bit boring, but entertaining nonetheless.

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A nice shifter story about a bear shifter and a 20 year old college student falling in love, despite it being a bit boring.

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