The Dragon Knight: The Crimson War (The Crimson Coven book 12)

Title: The Dragon Knight: The Crimson War (The Crimson Coven book 12)
Author: B.A. Stretke
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: May 29, 2017
Genre(s): Gay Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 100 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Elan Ravenscroft is a Dragon Knight and his father’s heir apparent. He is a battle-tested warrior and ready to defend his family and the Crimson Coven in his father’s name. He expected battle and danger when he accepted his father’s assignment to the Crimson Coven, but he did not expect to find himself face to face with his fated mate in the midst of war. He doesn’t know if he can handle both. He doesn’t know if their bond can survive an all-out paranormal war, but if he doesn’t want to lose the love of his life he has to learn to trust fate’s timing and accept the things that he cannot change.

Sorin Cuza is quiet. He is not the type of man who wears what he’s feeling on his sleeve. Sorin is a born and bred warrior determined to protect his adopted home. Crimson took him in and never made him feel like anything but family. When he meets Elan Ravenscroft, his will is tested, and his heart is nearly broken. Can Sorin and Elan piece their bond back together or will it be destroyed by the conflict raging around them? Will their love survive? Will Crimson?

War has come to Crimson’s doorstep. The actions of the Vampire Council have pushed the paranormal world to the brink of disaster, and only The Crimson Coven and its allies now stand in Fane Minea’s path. No one will escape this unscathed.

I really love this series. Each book is an extension of the last so it is best to read them all in the order they was released. Each book also has its own unique twist to the war that each of hear people/shifters face. It seems no one is safe from the enemy.

Elan is a dragon shifter and is next in line behind his father as king. He is a warrior and does all to protect those that he loves. Including denying his true mate when they meet for the first time. This does not come without consequence because in doing so his mate, Sorin, believes that Elan does not want him and is denying him as his mate. Nothing could be further from the truth but that is not how Sorin sees it.

The consequences of this action leads Sorin to place himself in danger on purpose. He volunteers for the most dangerous of missions in hopes of forgetting about Elan and the pain of him not wanting him.

Elan never expected his mate to take him putting their mating on hold as him not wanting him but Elan was wrong and now his mate may be lost to him forever if he cannot get him back to the plantation quickly.

Even with Sorin returning to the plantation and both men facing their feelings for one another the danger has not vanished. It has become even more volatile and no one may be safe in the end.

This is such an exciting read. I never knew what to expect with each turn of the page. It was a read that leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what is to come and who may turn up next. I look forward to more books by B.A. Stretke in the future.

The Crimson Coven series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Dragon Knight: The Crimson War (The Crimson Coven book 12) provided by B.A. Stretke in exchange of an honest review.


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