Brave & Beautiful (Sassy Boyz #3)

Title: Brave & Beautiful (Sassy Boyz #3)
Author: Elizabeth Varlet
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: October 9, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary M/M
Page Count: 224
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Sexy, seductive and hiding dark secrets, the Sassy Boyz return to the stage in Brave & Beautiful

There’s only one relationship that matters to Tameron “Tam” Kis—his love affair with dance. Life’s been pretty shitty, but dance got him through it and now he’s ready to focus on what he loves. He doesn’t have the bandwidth for any distractions—especially not his sexy, not-quite-straight new neighbor.

Driver Ellis doesn’t need anything but his bike and the open road. He wouldn’t trade his drifter lifestyle for anything…until his friend calls in a favor and Driver suddenly finds himself pet-sitting. Driver isn’t thrilled being stuck in one place, though things start to look up when he sets eyes on the gorgeous girl next door.

There’s just one problem… She isn’t a girl at all.

All it takes is one spontaneous dance to turn both Driver’s and Tam’s worlds upside down. They might not have been looking for love, but as things heat up between them, it’s clear life has very different plans.

This was amazing! Best one in the series so far. I was in hurt/comfort heaven with this.

We know Tam as the choreographer of the Sassy Boyz and as somewhat of a quiet guy. The reason he is quiet and not all that approachable is because of his past. His mother and stepfather sold him to tricks from an early age and even when Tam ran away from home, he prostituted himself to stay alive. And despite the fact that he has made a good life with some precious friends now, he is still not able to enjoy anything remotely sexual. That is until he meets his neighbor one day while doing laundry in the basement..

Driver is housesitting for his friend, but can’t wait to be back on the road again once his friend comes back. He is not one to stay put somewhere and build a life. But he does want to have a bit of fun with his cute neighbor. He is even more determined to win Tam over once he finds out Tam is not a woman but a man. And since Driver is bisexual, he doesn’t freak out once he finds out Tam is a guy. He just knows he wants to get to know the beautiful man better…

Tam is definitely my favorite Sassy Boy. He was sweet, a bit shy, and so scarred inside. And oh boy, did he need someone to love him. That’s why I loved Driver for him. I didn’t like how he always ran away from everything his entire life, but I did love that he stayed this time, for Tam.

Of course there is some relationship angst, but it didn’t felt fake or fabricated for drama’s sake. I think everyone can see what the conflict will be about, since it is clear from the beginning of the book. But it fit the story and I didn’t have a problem with it at all.

Despite the abuse Tam suffered in his childhood and despite Driver’s trauma, this didn’t feel like a heavy book like Dark & Dazzling. This one felt more cozy and comforting instead of dark and draining like the previous book. We get lots of (past) hurt, but we also get lots and lots of comfort. Just how I like my books.

I absolutely loved this and will re-read again, since it has boys in high heels, lots of dancing, authentic conversations, and lots of comfort for all the hurt.

Sassy Boyz

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