There Was A Boy

Title: There Was A Boy
Author: Justin Durand
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, mild bdsm, emotional abuse, child abuse, counseling, overcoming
Page Count:233 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Tall, slim, shy Aaron Larkin has four objectives as he begins his eighteenth year: run a 5K in less than 15:21, graduate from high school, begin dating and come out of the closet. Two days after his birthday, a momentous first date with the man of his dreams convinces Aaron he’s in love and ready for marriage. However, Aaron must first address the damage he suffered from a difficult childhood.

“You aren’t super macho. More like…sweet and hot.”

That‘s how Aaron’s friend and neighbor Michelle, the smartest girl in the class, describes him. She promises he’ll meet someone soon.

Aaron is skilled at ignoring an unhappy childhood that left him serene on the outside and insecure, vulnerable and anxious on the inside. From middle school on, he concentrated on getting good grades and running faster but also gained more than enough experience with hopeless crushes on really nice straight classmates. Now, at the start of his last semester of high school, he’s ready for a real romance. With help from Michelle and a pooch named Daisy, he meets three seriously good-looking guys who invite him to join their running club. Daniel, Justin and Matthew are a few years older than Aaron but they quickly accept him into their social group. Life has programmed Aaron to be pessimistic but he gets his hopes up and for the first time he makes a connection with another gay guy.

Aaron knows “the course of true love never did run smooth,” but he lets himself forget and believe that it will for him. Naturally, when it doesn’t he blames himself.

There Was a Boy recounts a pivotal time when a teenager enters adulthood sooner than he’s ready, meets the man of his dreams and falls in love. Aaron has a lot to learn about sex and love. He’s positive he’s found the right teacher but an additional lesson awaits him and he must confront the wounds of his childhood before he can graduate to his new life.

You know I would I’ll be honest and say when I started this book I was having a hard time getting into it. I am not sure why but I continued on and pushed through and before I knew it was completely engrossed in this read.

This is really a sad book about a boy who has never really felt the love and acceptance for who he is from m his family. Especially his grandfather. In his grandfathers eyes he has always been less then anyone else because he is not the athletic type like the rest of the guys in ththe family and he gen though he is good at running his grandfather does not believe that to be a real sport.

So Aaron does whatever he has too in order to stay away from the house as much as possible. His senior year in high school Aaron continues running and training with a group of men and women he met that are older along with getting a job at the local veterinarian office to help keep him away from his grandfather.

This is where Aaron starts to really get close to one of the guys he runs with and now works with, Danny.

The closer Danny and Aaron become the more Aaron’s past seems to make things harder between them. After several misunderstandings on both men’s parts it became apparent that the communication was not the best it should be and they seemed out help from a professional to see if there was ways to improve things between them. Through counseling Aaron realizes he needs to continue to work through the emotional abuse of his past in order to have a better future.

This book really was a sad read with a happy ending. It took a lot of work on both the men’s parts to get through and overcome the insecurities that Aaron felt in order for him to truly be able to feel happiness. I am glad that I stuck through reading this book because it was a great read.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Ther Was A Boy provided by Justin Durand in exchange of an honest review.


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