The Summage Solution (San Andreas Shifters #1)

Title: The Summage Solution (San Andreas Shifters #1)
Author: G. L. Carriger
Publisher: self published
Release Date: July 18, 2017
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Page Count: 315
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart-mouthed mage?

NYT bestseller Gail Carriger, writing as G. L. Carriger, presents an offbeat gay romance in which a sexy werewolf with a white knight complex meets a bad boy mage with an attitude problem. Sparks (and other things) fly.

Max fails everything – magic, relationships, life. So he works for DURPS (the DMV for supernatural creatures) as a sumage, cleaning up other mages’ messes. The job sucks and he’s in no mood to cope with redneck biker werewolves. Unfortunately, there’s something oddly appealing about the huge, muscled Beta visiting his office for processing.

Bryan AKA Biff (yeah, he knows) is gay but he’s not out. There’s a good chance Max might be reason enough to leave the closet, if he can only get the man to go on a date. Everyone knows werewolves hate mages, but Bryan is determined to prove everyone wrong, even the mage in question.

Delicate Sensibilities?
This story contains M/M sexitimes and horrible puns. If you get offended easily, then you probably will. The ¬¬¬¬San Andreas Shifter stories contain blue language, dirty deeds, and outright admiration for the San Francisco Bay Area. Not for the faint of heart (mouth/tongue/etc.).

This book stands alone, but there is a prequel short story featuring Bryan’s brother, Alec, the Alpha. Want to know why the pack moved? Read Marine Biology.

I picked this book mainly for amusement factor. Okay, hot guys were an added bonus but I was in stitches reading the excerpt and wanted to see if the rest of the book was equally funny. It was, but I did get a little lost in specific of the world author’s built. There is supposed to be a prequel so that might have been better place to start.

At the beginning, Max, who is one of main characters, is giving love advice to a complete stranger. It’s hilarious. Biff is trying to get away from the apartment stuffed to the gills with other members of his pack and got volunteered by his alpha to deal with paperwork they need to fill at Max’s workplace. Considering this, it’s obvious neither of them has a good day. I was on tenterhooks waiting for them to meet. It paid off in a big way.

They quickly establish they’re interested in one another and decide to have a date. I was a little suspicious at this point, because I’m not a fan of instalove trope, but the date managed to give both characters and their relationship more depth. I was surprised at how much feeling was packed into that one encounter but author managed to write it convincingly. There are hiccups on the way. Both men have their hang-ups and other people have their own goals which interfere in their relationship. They do get HEA at the end.

It’s a cheeky, quirky story filled with fun. Occasionally it flirts with parody but at least for me it didn’t cross over the line. All in all, this is amusing, nicely done story.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Sumage Solution provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.