Masked Booby (Peckers #3)

Title: Masked Booby (Peckers #3)
Author: Jacques N. Hoff
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 10th 2015
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 86 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5


Mickey, Keyser, Clyde….

He goes by many names, calls many different countries home, and has a wardrobe that rivals most professional theater companies, but some days it’s impossible to remember who he really is. It’s the price he pays for the adrenaline. The Masked Booby. A man torn between his instinct to survive and his bird nature of taking a dive.

Irwin Stephens is in love—in love with life, his home, and the animals he watches over every day at work. He doesn’t have a man to call his own, but everything else is so perfect he can’t complain. Except maybe about the scratchy khaki uniform all zoos seem to require with fiendish glee.

When Mickey meets Buff Zookeeper, it should be a one-night love nest, but something besides peckers is up in the land down under.

Jacques N. Hoff is the brainchild of S.J.D. Peterson and S.A. McAuley

Um, one MC’s name is Irwin Stephens – he’s Austraian and works in a zoo – all of which just made me think of Steve Irwin every time I saw the dude’s name.

Aaannnyywwwaayyy…this is definitely not my favorite of the series. With the others I definitely chuckled, laughed, and giggled my way through… sadly, not once with this one.

The plot was disappointing as the whole point of the story is to break Irwin’s best friend Atticus, a tufted puffin shifter, out of the zoo before he gets euthanized yet we never get to see the final breakout (though since Atty’s the M.C. of the next book Tufted & Tatted he’s probably all right).

It was disappointing that there is still no world building, which was worse since Mickey was born a Masked Booby, but even he doesn’t know anything about why or how he shifts.

More disappointing is that Irwin and Mickey are True Mates but don’t really have much interaction until the very end.

The best part of the story, for me, was getting to see Sebastian and Louis (from book 2) again. They’re so damn cute.

I’m chalking this up to an off day for the writers and moving on to book 4.

Peckers series

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This is definitely not my favorite of the series. The plot was disappointing, there is still no world building, and Irwin and Mickey are True Mates but don't really have much interaction until the very end. I'm chalking this up to an off day for the writers and moving on to book 4.

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