Claiming Christian (Wolf’s Mate #2)

Title: Claiming Christian: Wolf Shifter MPreg Romace (Wolf’s Mate #2)
Author: Kiki Burrelli
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: October 19, 2016
Genre(s): Gay Paranormal Romance / Mpreg
Page Count: 210 pages
Reviewed by: Tosh
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Derrick is an arrogant alpha billionaire poised to take control of his pack. Christian is a good guy who is always finishing last. When their worlds collide, will Derrick be able to protect them both?

Christian’s nice ways have finally landed him in the worst kind of trouble. After agreeing to help his friend, Finn, Christian becomes a target for a sadistic pack leader. He is saved from a beating by a sexy stranger.

Derrick has never been mistaken for a homeless person, but seeing how he met Christian after being passed out behind a dumpster, he can forgive the confusion. What he can’t forgive is how the sweet, sexy man attempts to ignore their connection. Someone has to save Christian from his nice ways.

When Christian agrees to return to his home, Derrick can breathe easily. That is until the pressures of his family and pack threaten to drive a wedge between them. Christian’s nice ways are his worst enemy, but Derrick has already decided Christian is his mate and will hold nothing back while claiming Christian.

With each book in those series I fall more in love with the characters.

It is such an amazing series that is for sure. And so far with each book comes a new set of issues for the main characters. That is what I like most about his series. Each book is similar in some ways but so different in others.

There are so many different side of Christian. Each new face to him makes him that much more of a special person. The fact to the matter is whatever or whoever he is around and the face he is putting on at the time, Christian is still an all around nice guy who would do anything for anyone. And that is how he ended up being chased down by angry shifters trying to kidnap him. Christian was trying to help out Finn and act as decoy for Finn to get away and instead had landed himself in some serious hot water.

The good thing is a stranger steps in right as he needs them and saves Christian. Derrick is not some ordinary man either. He is a wolf shifter who has a short personality when it comes to others. But when it comes to Christian he does not want to let him out of his sight. Neither realizes at the time that they are mates but as time goes on they figure it out. The problem is Derrick is not exactly free. He is engaged and even though he is gay the engagement is a necessity.

So what do two men do when they cannot help but want to be together but at the same time if they are then a died between Derricks pack and another could ensure death of many if Derrick does not marry who he is engaged too?

This was such an exciting read and I love the chemistry between Derrick and Christian. What I love most about these books is they are not boring in the least. They are action packed and adventurous. But I also love how Kiki makes sure to get your attention at the end of each book to where the next in the series is concerned. Can’t wait to start the next book.

Wolf Mates Series Mpreg Romance Series

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Review Copy

Galley copy of Claiming Christian (Wolf Mate Series MPreg book 2) provided by Kiki Burrelli in exchange of an honest review.


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