Theirs To Love (Wolf’s Mate Series #5)

Title: Theirs To Love (Wolf’s Mate Series #5)
Author: Kiki Burrelli
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: March 3, 2017
Genre(s): M/m/f ménage, attempted murder, fear, lion shifter, wolf shifter
Page Count: 177 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Francesca, or Frannie to her friends, is great at finding mates–for other people. She’s ecstatic that her family and friends have all found love because it certainly never worked out for her. Her one big love ended in tears, shame and flames, literally. Now Frannie lives for her pack family and uses sarcasm to keep men at bay.

That doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate a sexy man when he comes her way. Or in this case, two sexy men; Brock and Kai. Police officer and lawyer, they are the ultimate power couple in career as well as stature. They are also both alpha shifters, a dangerous combination. Frannie is warned early on to stay away. She’ll have to be content making them the heroes of her romance novels, those books aren’t going to write themselves.

Mated alphas Brock and Kai are positive that the curvy, feisty and clever Francesca is their mate but claiming her won’t be easy. Especially not with her army of older brothers standing in the way. But neither of them can ignore their inner beast, and their beasts demand Francesca. Nothing will prevent them from convincing Francesca she is theirs to love.

Theirs to Love (Wolf’s Mate Book 5) is a 53k word MMF bisexual shifter romance. It is part of a series but may be read as a standalone. There is no cheating and guaranteed HEA. Like, super duper HEA.

I did not know what to expect when I read this book because I do not often read M/f/m books. I stay more towards the m/m reading but I really did love this book just as much as I loved the other books in this series.

This book was based primarily around Frannie, Brock and Kai. Frannie had a very hard time excepting that she had a mate much less two of them. It was even harder for her to accept the fact that they could not mate with her and get her pregnant. But after the accident she has when she was eighteen she knew she never would be able to have a baby. She did not want to cheat these two amazing men of being fathers because of it.

It is an extremely rocky road these three have to navigate because there is more then just Fannie standing in their way. In order for the three of them to be able to make things work they have to work together as a unit to overcome everything standing in their way. Even then there is still some things that may surprise them in the end.

This was another fabulous read by Kiki. I am really enjoying her writing style and how she is able to capture the readers attention and keep it. This is truly an amazingly incredible series and I look forward to more by Kiki in the future.

Wolf Mates Series Mpreg Romance Series

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Galley copy of Theirs To Love (Wolf’s Mate Serie book 5 provided by Kiki Burrelli in exchange of an honest review.


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