City Boy (Hot off the Ice #1)

Title: City Boy (Hot off the Ice #1)
Author: A.E. Wasp
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 29th 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary/Hockey
Page Count: 280
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Follow the money or follow your heart?

All Bryce Lowery knows how to do is play hockey. He’s been playing professionally since he was fifteen. Twenty years later, he’s rich, famous, tired, and alone. And possibly gay according to his ex-wife.

When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a motorcycle-riding white knight named Dakota, Bryce discovers he is most definitely gay. Now Bryce has a tough choice to make, follow the money to a new multimillion dollar contract, or follow his heart into the unknown?

All Dakota Ryan knows how to do is grow apples. Now at twenty-four, he faces losing both his home and his livelihood in one cruel twist of fate.

Then Bryce Lowery crashes into his life like the answer to all of Dakota’s prayers. He’s whispering promises to make all of Dakota’s wildest dreams come true. But Dakota knows better than to give his heart to someone who could leave, and if life has taught him anything, it’s that everyone leaves.

Dakota has a choice, sit back and wait for Bryce to decide his fate, or for the first time in his life, chose what he wants his future to be.

City Boy is a first time gay, fish out of water, May/December love story with a happy ending. It features snarky siblings, a dirty-talking farmer, lots of food, and big choices. (No poultry was harmed in the making of this book.)

34 year-old gay virgin alert! We’ve got a lot of unexplored skin to cover here.

This was an ooey-gooey tale of two men finding each other through fate and a bit of luck. It made me smile, it was super hot and if it weren’t for an annoying, drawn out “fight” in a coach’s office at a hokey game, this would be a 5 star read.

A new series, promising more fluff! Book two is Country Boy and centered around Robbie (21 year-old partially out hockey player) and Paul, who we haven’t met yet. Can’t wait!


Hot off the Ice

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