The Fifth Postulate: A Sherlock Holmes story

Title: The Fifth Postulate: A Sherlock Holmes story
Author: L T Brady
Publisher: self published
Release Date: June 30, 2017
Genre(s): Suspense/Mystery
Page Count: 313
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

“You are tinging this situation with romanticism which produces the same effect as working a love story into the fifth postulate of Euclid. Believe me, Sherlock, you will fail.”

Life seems to be going well for John Watson; he’s doing well at university, he’s made friends, has a social life. Except some idiot has gotten himself high in the bathroom and suddenly John is swept up in the whirlwind that is Sherlock Holmes’ life, the dangers of his addiction and the possibility that sometimes love might not be enough.

I stumbled on this title quite accidentally. Sherlock Holmes in a mm romance. I was like: gimme, gimme!

The story hooked me immediately. The scene where John and Sherlock met each other for the first time is truly sherlockian. I don’t think it would have worked for other characters, but for this it works perfectly. It manages to establish Sherlock as a quirky genius and John as good hearted guy totally unimpressed by him. Since they are both good in reading each other, immediate attraction springing up feels natural. Their relationship develops slowly. It’s very carefully orchestrated. There is an overtone of power disbalance since Sherlock is older and more confident. He is also careless and morally ambiguous. He needs John as an anchor. John, on the other hand, regards Sherlock as the one thing he shouldn’t want but is helpless to resist. Their friendship is a wild card for John. His world is otherwise safe and boring. Sherlock makes him feel alive. They flirt almost without intention. It’s there each time they talk.

For good part of the book Sherlock is involved with someone else: it doesn’t detract from their connection. Neither of them is perfect. They both have their vices and they are both damaged. John isn’t trying to change his friend and lover: he is aware of his flaws. He is not so aware of his own, but he is still very much naïve. They both change as their relationship progresses. Sherlock does follow his better impulses when John is around and John learns more about the world.

The story follows up development of their relationship with all curves and detours it takes, allowing them to grow slowly into men they are meant to be. It’s their chemistry which tugs and pulls the story forward. They put a lot of work in their connection. Even other’s reactions to them feds into intricate rope connecting them. The story picks ruthlessly at their wounds and drags the baggage they have into light of the day. They don’t get magically better but it is what makes this story solid. The suspense plot is mainly in the background but it fits relationship storyline neatly. I had so much fun with scenes hinting at what is to come: there is Mrs. Hudson cameo!

As far as I was concerned, the suspense part of the plot was lurking in the shadows for most of the book. The ending gathered all leads scattered through the book in a truly interesting way. I suspect I’m going to pick up on all of them only when I reread the book.

I enjoyed this one and I’m hoping author develops it into series.

Caution: This book contains substance abuse.

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