In His Majesty’s Service (Maya’s Review)

Title: In His Majesty’s Service
Author: Elizabeth Silver, Jenny Urban
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: September 11, 2017
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Fantasy
Page Count: 368
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Everyone in the Drion Collective knows that finding your match—the one person in existence with the same soul mark as yours—is the best thing that could ever happen. But the last thing Lord Anders Hawthorne is thinking about when he boards a ship to Drion for the king’s funeral is finding his soul mate.

Captain Zachary O’Connell has the perfect life—his ship, the stars, and no emotional entanglements. When heat sparks between him and Lord Hawthorne, Zach gleefully dives into a no-strings arrangement. He doesn’t expect it to last beyond arrival at Drion, any more than he expects trouble along the way.

Trouble quickly finds them, however, and it soon becomes clear that Lord Hawthorne is not only not who he says he is, but also that he’s the target of a deadly plot. With danger all around them, Zach and Anders must work together to save the Collective. Meanwhile, Zach must come to grips with losing everything he always thought he wanted, to have the one thing he never dreamed he needed.

Two men find each other in a kingdom on a brink of disaster. Both of them have their own priorities: Andres his family and Zach his beloved ship. Destiny has other plans for them. They find themselves in the middle of conspiracy, bearing the same mark- a sign of what their people regard as soulbond.
Hm, let’s see.

One badass spaceship captain. One rakish noble.
A whole lot of trouble.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one.

There are sparks between them from the moment they met. Neither of them is interested in anything long term, but they are both willing to indulge in a fling.

Andreas freaks out when the hot captain he was banging turns to be his match. Zach is not thrilled, especially as it wasn’t the only secret Andreas was keeping. At this point, bad guys make their move. I was burning of curiosity and trying to figure what was going to happen. The buildup is slow but effective, as Zach and Andreas try to expose conspiracy and save their own skin in the process. Andreas in tangled in his own emotions and Zach is torn between his old life and new. They but heads more than once.

I wish there was more of relationship development but the characters were interesting enough for me to keep reading. The writing is seamless. I liked the fact that being matched doesn’t guarantee them automatically happily ever after. They are both head strong and set in their ways. This is the bit that I found little bit overdone: they keep rehashing the same argument. Luckily, the ending snagged my attention back and I ended up being satisfied with the story.

This is interesting mix of plots what with royals and space travel and of course matching. It has a little bit of everything. Also, there are copious amounts of sex. This could be case of too much of a good thing, because it didn’t leave chance to see them interact in other ways.

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