The Token Yank (Susan’s Review)

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Title: The Token Yank
Author: A.J. Truman
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: September 7, 2017
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary
Page Count: 268
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Rafe’s Study Abroad Bucket List:
-See Stonehenge
-Get drunk (legally, for once!)
-Seduce a hot British guy (or five…)

After years of grand romantic gestures that went bust and left him perpetually single, Rafe wants nothing more than to shag his way through Jolly Olde England. He’s vowed to stop looking for romance and enjoy the next three months as the lone Yank in a sea of Brits at Stroude University.

But his “Operation: Slut” mission goes awry when he meets Eamonn. His Beatles-hating, raspy-voiced flatmate shows him a true Blighty adventure, one filled with downing Snakebites, shopping trips to Asda, fist fights, and liberal usage of the c-word.

For Eamonn, helping Rafe is a distraction from the uninspiring future waiting for him and a chance to forget about his ripped-out, stomped-on heart. In fact, Rafe may be the one to put it back together. That is, if the return ticket back to the States doesn’t pull them apart first.

I mostly liked this because of Rafe. Rafe was super awesome! Eamonn was a bit too hesitant for me and the romance just not that romantic. But I still ended up enjoying most of it. Because Rafe!

Rafe is a 19 year old American student who desperately wants to study abroad. That’s why he is super excited to be in the UK for the next 3 months. He wants to see new places, meet new people. Do new people. Because he desperately wants to get rid of his pesky virginity.

When he meets his new flatmates, he immediately likes them. Heath and Louisa seem to be having an on and off thing, and Eamonn is recovering from a broken heart from his last boyfriend.

But no matter how hard Rafe tries not to like Eamonn (that way), the two are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. And it’s not long before they are kissing (or should I say snogging?) and then having all kind of sexy times.

But…. Rafe is only there for 3 months. So goodbye seems inevitable…

As I said, I loved Rafe. He was so incredibly positive about everything.

“Holy shit.” He was like Two Face from Batman. One side of him was normal Rafe; the other was red, blotchy, puffy, scarred.
“It’ll heal,” she said. “First, black and blue. Then it’ll heal.”
“I’m going to look so cool!”
Louisa and Eamonn traded a surprised look.
“I’ve never been in a fight. I’ve never thrown a punch or stood up for myself like that.” Rafe felt power infused in his hands. “I’m kind of a bad ass.”

I did get a little tired eventually of Eamonn being so careful. He didn’t want to get his heart broken, but that meant he constantly held back. I just wanted more romance from his side.

Of course he did make up for that at the end, but there was a lot of heartbreak before that. I don’t think heartbreak is the right word, because this never felt extremely angsty. It remained pretty fluffy overall, but I still think the break up stuff could have been prevented if Eamonn just got his head out of his ass.

And I had a hard time liking the secondary characters because they had their own drama going on from the start. I don’t like that kind of drama at all (being a couple, then friends, then friends with benefits, breaking up, then a couple again). I wasn’t too sure why the author decided to add this secondary drama in the first place.

But despite these few niggles, this was still an enjoyable read.

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