Desert World Immigrant (Desert World #3)

Title: Desert World Immigrant (Desert World #3)
Author: Lyn Gala
Publisher: DSP Publications
Release Date: Semptember 29, 2015
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Politics
Page Count: 250
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Lieutenant Commander Verly Black is ready to leave the atrocities of war behind and immigrate to the planet of Livre, where he can build a future away from the ghosts of his past. He doesn’t expect to find a kindred spirit in councilman Naite Poli—a man with secrets as dark as Verly’s own and bearing the scars to prove it. Both men have done what was necessary to survive—Verly in battle and Naite in defense of his family—and they’re haunted by memories that leave them wary of trusting others. As they circle each other, the political maneuvering around them grows more dangerous, with the outer worlds trying to force Livre into one alliance or another. Some still view Verly as a killer and a spy, and they’re determined not to let him forget what he’s done. Others fear the implications of a military officer sharing the bed of a council member. When the rebel alliance moves beyond threats, Verly and Naite must push through the pain of their pasts and stand together to fight for the future of their world.

This actually happens to be third book in series, but I was intrigued by one of characters and the excerpt hooked me in.

Verly is a soldier with less than clean past and this harsh desert world is his chance at clean slate. He is tired of his life and hopes to starts anew.
Unfortunately, politics follows him to his new home and once again he finds himself in the middle of the war he was so desperately trying to escape.

Naite is the one who will have to clean his mess if things turn bad so consequently he is less than thrilled to welcome Naite in his home. His welcome is grudging in best case, but Verly is both weary and pragmatic: in absence of anything better, he will take it.

They are like two stray cats, claws out and fur bristling. From the beginning Verly makes no bones about his attraction to Naite. His voice is sardonic and he is willing to poke fun at himself. Naite on the other hand is angry, scarred by his painful past and sometimes cruel.

Descriptions are vivid and pacing is solid. There is a diverse cast of supporting characters adding reality to the story. They are first and foremost people: they hold grudge and lose themselves in petty bickering. It was an interesting representation of Livre’s society. Some things never change. Political games are upping the stake so the story simmers with low level tension. I was engrossed in the story. The only problem I had was Naite and I couldn’t figure out what Verly saw in him.

Naite’s secrets slowly come to light so it was easier to understand him and their relationship becomes more balanced. The plot is interesting and finishes in tense stand-off with both men coming to terms with their past and future choices.

Recommended for lovers of political intrigue!

Desert World Series

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Galley copy of Desert World Immigrant provided by Publisher in exchange of an honest review.