Angel in Black Leather Pants (Cloverleah Pack Series #9)

Title: Angel in Black Leather Pants (Cloverleah Pack Series #)
Author: Lisa Oliver
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: September 17, 2016
Genre(s): Gay paranormal romance, Fated mates, various shifters, danger
Page Count: 255 pages
Reviewed by: Tosh
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Cloverleah Pack Series, Book 9

Adair was tired of waiting. He knew he had a mate, although they’d never met, and his waiting wasn’t made any easier watching Tobias snuggling close with his two mates. He’d thought a lot of the smaller wolf at one time. All he had was the company of his two brothers, and endless patrols trying to keep the Cloverleah pack lands safe. A trip to Claude’s with his brothers one night has some unexpected, but pleasant consequences, and after an initial misunderstanding, Adair is suddenly thrust into the world of magic, and the demands of a relationship.

Vassago’s never had a chance to be proud of who he was. As the second son of the king of the djinn, and being a lot smaller than his father or brother, Vassago spent a lot of time on the human realm, avoiding his family and those who had nothing better to do than bully him. After spending a horrible nine months trapped in Jake Poindexter’s body, he knew he had to find his potestatem before he could claim his mate. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. When help is offered, he’s hesitant to take it, but the lure of finally being in his mate’s arms was too strong to ignore.

The troubles hitting Cloverleah are falling thick and fast. Insane plans of wiping out all paranormal life isn’t confined to a few errant humans. It’ll take the steadfast nature of a wolf shifter, who still has a habit of saying the wrong thing, and the magic of a djinn who’s struggling to believe in himself, before these two will find their HEA.

Warning: Contains M/M adult content. If this isn’t your preference, please don’t buy.

All of the books in the Cloverleah Pack series can be read as standalone. However, to fully appreciate the relationships between secondary characters, it might be wise to read the series in order.

I really love this series. I am a sucker for shifter/paranormal reads and I have been reading this series since he beginning. I love watching how with each new mating there is a new element of paranormal added to the Cloverleah pack.

This mating is no different. Vassago is the spirit or dijinn that came out of one of the bad guys in the previous book and we found out in that book that he is the mate to Adair. But it is not a mating of quick proportions. Vassago has to find his life stone first and foremost in order to not be summoned by anyone again and to be able to live his life it’s his mate without that being held over his head.

But this is not an easy feat. He has been looking for months and still does not have it and even though he keeps checking in on his mate Adair, the mating call is getting to hard to ignore. When Vassago can no longer ignore the call Adair could not be happier.

But it is not a mating they had it expected it to be because Vassago is summoned in the middle of when things are starting to get good and now Adair has to find him and have him released before they can be together. This is when all hell breaks lose for this pack once again and the danger starts coming at them again at full force.

Can the Cloverleah pack start to figure out who is behind everything or will one of their own be hurt in the process of weaving their way through he mess that seems to follow this pack?

I really enjoyed this read but I am sooooo looking forward to reading Teilo’s story because I have a feeling that he is in a run for his money. This is an amazing series and each book makes it even better. I look forward to more books by Lisa Oliver in the future.

Cloverleah Pack Series

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